Why do we set minimum wage workers up to fail?

Why do we set minimum wage workers up to fail?

And then we insist on bleepin’ stomping ‘em into the ground when they inevitably do just that! Really?  And it’s almost become blood sport in this country, too!

For those of you who haven’t already heard, a North Aurora man working as a bus aid is facing four felonies charges after he allegedly went too far in subduing a 14-year-old autistic boy with a “profound intellectual disability” on June 9. According to court records, despite being strapped into the seatbelt and a five-point chest harness, the student still managed to remove his left shoe and throw it at the driver, striking her in the left shoulder as they were driving on I-88 from the Camelot Northwest Center for Autism in Genoa back to Montgomery.

The bus driver also happened to be the aid’s mother.

In response to the attack, the aid not only sat on the boy, but using the adjacent set for leverage, applied enough pressure that the student fell unconscious for the remaining 30 minutes of the return trip.  Once home, paramedics were called to resuscitate him. Then the boy was rushed to the nearest ER and eventually transferred to Rush University Medical Center in Chicago where doctors diagnosed him with an “anoxic brain injury.” That means the damage will likely be permanent.

If convicted of the worst of the four felonies, the aid is looking at up to 15 years in prison.

After reading that sad story, all I could think was, “Please tell me that I’m not the only one who sees the blatantly inevitable issues with this tragic scenario.” C’mon! This was clearly a recipe for disaster from the beginning to the end.

First! What are we doing “strapping” “profoundly” autistic children into a school bus seat for at least two hours a day? You mean to tell me we’re willing to pay $78 million for ONE F-35A Lightning fighter – that can’t fly even in lightning – but we can’t come up with one tenth of that to build a reasonable school for the autistic in Aurora, our second largest city?

So much for the least of our brothers and sisters and America being a “Christian” country.

Second, regardless of any disability, we can’t have children throwing shoes at school bus drivers under any circumstances, and particularly while they’re navigating a busy Interstate. That act could’ve caused he kind of crash that would’ve killed everyone on board. Considering the aid’s reaction to the incident, it likely wasn’t the first time something like this happened. And the first time it happened, the bus company should’ve told the parents that they could no longer transport their child for all of the obvious safety reasons.

Third, that bus aid CLEARLY knew he was being taped, but he used that kind of full-body restraint regardless. It makes you wonder what, if anything, the bus company teaches their aids about how to successfully contend with severely autistic or disabled children. I’m betting it ain’t a whole heck of a lot.

Fourth, – and this is the flippin’ worst part! Do you know how much money a Kane County bus aide makes? Thirteen dollars an hour! Really? The kids who unload Target trucks and work the front counter at Taco Bell get at least $15, and a fucking minimum wage employee is somehow supposed to handle the kind of child that can give the professionals fits?

Talk about being thrust in a position to fail! And if you Google it, this kind of thing happens with school transportation ALL the time!

It’s difficult enough dealing with “normal” kids. The stories some retired friend bus drivers have told me about what regular children will do, particularly those overly entitled little Geneva shits, would curl your toenails. I wouldn’t last an hour as a driver or an aid, much less be able to deal with the mentally disabled variety. And the prize for taking on that kind of insistent bullshit is $13 an hour?

I understand that property taxes are out of control in Illinois, but as most rational adults have come to understand, you tend to get exactly what you pay for.

I’m NOT saying this aid shouldn’t have to face the music and a judge. Essentially strangling someone on video is not only appalling, but it’s beyond stupid. What I am saying is that neither he nor the bus driver should EVER have been put in this utterly untenable position. Oh! And School bus drivers make all of $19 an hour, too!

So now, because no one involved had the flippin’ God-gave-a-billy-goat sense to say “Wait a minute! Is this really a good idea?,” the aid’s life is ruined, the child’s life is completely destroyed, the parents will have to deal with an even more profoundly disabled child, there will be a series of lawsuits, and despite all the utterly unrealistic expectations we just discussed, the public is out for a minimum wage worker’s blood.

Some of y’all really do suck!

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