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Jonathan Hoenig

Jonathan Hoenig

Though I think he’s a bit misguided, a big thank you to economist Jonathan Hoenig for joining the show and weighing in on the question of the day.

Another tip of our hat to Jim Oberweis who explained that, despite the impending Illinois speed limit change, I can’t go 70 mph down Highland Avenue in Elgin.

And you heard on on the show first folks. Given the GOP’s ongoing penchant for self-destruction, Hillary Clinton will be in the White House in 2016.

Enjoy the show!


It may be raining but…

that won’t stop Left, Right and You from coming right through your radio on AM1410 from 3 to 4 p.m. today!  Please join us as we discuss:  Drudge

  • Speed limits with State Sen. Jim Oberweis. He’ll tell us whether you can do 70 mph on Highland Avenue.
  • Whether the government can or cannot create jobs! Can economist and Capitalistpig hedge fund operator Jonathan Hoenig finally put an end to Allen and Jeff’s constant bickering?
  • And hold on to your hats folks! Jeff is going to call the 2016 presidential race. That’s right! It’s all over but all the Republican shouting!

With two right wingers joining us on the show today, Jeff needs all the liberals calling in he can get at 847-931-1410.

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Randy Hultgren

Randy Hultgren

Though Sun-Times political reporter Natasha Korecki was unable to join us, we still managed to cover Jesse Jackson’s political swan song and impending prison stint quite thoroughly.

And then we owe a thank you to 14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren for calling in to discuss the Affordable Care Act and a potential GOP alternative.

Enjoy the show!

If it’s Thursday…

Then it’s time to get excited about Left, Right and You again!. Today’s show features Sun-Times political krugman-left-right-and-you-jeff-ward-allen-skillicorn reporter Natasha Korecki who will provide her unique insights on what may well be the end of the Jesse Jackson Jr. saga.

Then Allen and I will move on to Obamacare with 14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren calling to explain why it isn’t petulant for Republicans to try to repeal the Act a mere 39 times. Let’s just say I’ve been waiting to grill a D.C. Republican like a cheeseburger for some time now!

So please tune in to WRMN AM1410 from 3 to 4 p.m. today because you don’t wanna miss this one!

The August 8 Left, Right and You is a wrap…

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Bill Daley

Bill Daley

A tip of the hat to Illinois Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Daley for calling in with some rather refreshing viewpoints. I’ve always said that politics doesn’t really need to be a blood sport!

Other timely topics included the latest on the RTA Board as well as our prognosis on whether Libertarians or Social Conservatives will win the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

It’s Chris Christie versus Rand Paul in a heavyweight match right now!

Enjoy the show!

You can listen to the 8/1/13 edition of Left, Right and You…

right here: 

Thanks to 63rd District State Rep Jack Franks for calling in to discuss the Illinois legislator pay fracas

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

and the continuing saga we call the Metra Board.

Another thank you to Kristen Guerrieri for calling in and talking about the Red Run, an upcoming 5K race that will benefit the victims of child sex trafficking. If you’re interested in participating please click here!

Allen and I also discussed that infamous Rolling Stone Cover and the fact that I’m startin’ to like Pope Frank!

Enjoy the show!

It may be an unseasonably cool summer…

But Left, Right and You is hot baby! On WRMN AM1410 from 3 to 4 p.m. today, delusional co-host Allen and I will discuss: left-right-and-you-politcally-correct

  • I was Wrong! Michael Madigan and John Cullerton actually did have the nerve to sue Governor Quinn over his stop payment tactics.
  • Illinois 63rd District State Rep Jack Franks will join the show to discuss those pension follies as well as that fiasco known as the Metra Board
  • The Cover of the Rolling Stone – and we’re not talking Dr. Hook’s song either.
  • A Catholic bishop said the Pope “was on a high” when he shifted his stance on gays. Perhaps he’s been partaking of too much sacramental wine!

Of course, your calls are always welcome at 847-913-1410. See you there!