This is the October 30, 2016 edition of Ward and Jones!

Apparently we were having too much fun to get to the entire agenda, but we did manage to cover:

  • The strangest presidential race of our time
  • Why the 538 Blog is so accurate
  • How the Kane County Clerk plans to mitigate long Election Day lines
  • And we talked with Jeff from Geneva

Thursday we’ll discuss the State’s Attorney’s stipends and the new Elgin and Kane County Budgets. Until then…

Larry n Jeff

Listen to the October 27, 2016 Ward & Jones right here!


Larry and I want to thank Democratic 24th District Kane County Board candidate Jarett Sanchez for calling in and talking with with us.

We also discussed Chairman Lauzen’s attempt to gain executive powers and a strange new twist on the new Elgin downtown nuisance ordinance.

With the election rapidly approaching we’ll have a lot more to talk about on Monday! Until then…


Clowns Jokers 2

This is the October 20, 2016 edition of Ward & Jones!

Larry and I want to thank Kane County Coroner candidate Tao Martinez for coming in and answering our open-ended questions. There ain’t nuthin’ better than educating the electorate.

And we’re running out of time, but any other candidate (above write-ins) who wants to come on the show before the big day, all you have to do is ask!

Monday! The Smiling Conservative and I will cover the final presidential debate among many other things. Until then…


Ward & Jones is coming up at 3 on AM1410

Kane County Coroner candidate Tao “Tom” Martinez will sit in today and answer our open ended questions. And you know how much Larry and I like these forums!




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Ward & Jones, October 17, 2016


The Smiling conservative was a bit feisty this morning, but he’s no match for yours truly.

We talked about the Cubs, an unshackled Donald Trump, Kane County Chairman Lauzen continuing the downward spiral, should child sexual abuse statute of limitations be removed, should Denny Hastert have to pay more hush money, and the ACLU takes a serious look at Elgin’s new public nuisance ordinance.

Thursday! Kane County Coroner candidate Tom Martinez. Until then…




Listen to the October 13, 2016 edition of Ward & Jones!


From Trump-esque Republican chickens coming home to roost, to Elgin’s new downtown nuisance ordinance, to alcohol at movie theaters, the Smiling Conservative and I had a few disagreements today.

It’s a good thing I’m always right!

Monday! I will give a first-hand report on the Sunday evening Cubs game. Until then…

Clown Joker

This is the October 6, 2016 edition of Ward & Jones!

Here’s the show:


The Smiling Conservative and I (and Kurt Kozjarek) covered:

  • Will peace reign between the letter writing County Chairman and the State’s Attorney
  • There is no killer clown epidemic, so stop it!
  • U-46 adopts new board meeting rules become some board members have no intention of governing
  • Treasurer Michael Frerichs gives Wells Fargo what for
  • There is home for the Sheriff Kramer’s program for mentally ill inmates

Monday! Larry and I will be right back at it. Until then…

clowns jokers 3