The 1/30/17 edition of Ward & Jones

is right here!


Sadly, technical difficulties prevented much of the first half of the show from being recorded, but you can catch much of our discussion on:

  • U-46 School Board member Cody Holt called Larry and liberal!
  • The initial County Campton Hills rehab center decision will come soon
  • A good Elgin Octave Elgin City Council candidate forum
  • Donald Trump makes a big splash in his first week

We’ll be back on Thursday. Until then…


Larry n Jeff



Ward & Jones at 9 a.m. Monday on AM1410

With the Smiling Conservative back in the saddle, we’re going to cover:

  • Donald Trump makes a splash in his first week on the job
  • The Feds can’t fix Chicago!
  • The Campton Hills rehab center is coming
  • U-46 School Board member Cody Holt likes censorship
  • The heroin epidemic just got worse!

Where’s the only place you can get this kind of in-depth local news analysis? That’s right! Ward & Jones, Mondays at 9 a.m. and Thursdays at 3 p.m. with the Smiling Conservative Larry Jones and me, the Curmudgeonly Liberal, on WRMN AM1410. Don’t miss it!


Jeff and Larry 3

The 1/26/17 edition of Ward & Jones

is right here!


Larry and I want to thank Kurt Kojzarek for filling in again today. We discussed:

  • The hopeful Springfield budget compromise
  • U-46 school board members Cody Holt and Jeanette see Communists everywhere
  • A nominating petition wrong is righted!
  • Whats going on at the County
  • And strippers of course!

The Smiling Conservative will be back on Monday! Until then…


Ward & Jones on AM1410 at 9 a.m.

Please join me, the Curmudgeonly liberal, and Ward & Jones supersub extraordinaire, Kurt Kojzarek, for another rollicking good hour of local political coverage. This morning we’ll be discussing:

  • The Women’s Marches
  • Judson University cancels their World Leadership Forum  (No!)
  • An Elgin Township referendum to help seniors – it’s a good idea
  • We’re one year into the Elgin Police Department’s “We Can Help” drug program
  • Cody Holt blocks me from commenting??!!

With Kurt back from his stripped investigation, we’ll see what he uncovered!

Kurt and Jeff

Today on Ward & Jones at 3 – AM1410

ECC Trustee and local attorney Jeff Meyer will fill in for the Smiling Conservative as we discuss how Springfield political change really works. The other Jeff has some rather strange ideas!


Jeff Meyer

Then Kane County Coroner, Rob Russell will call in to discuss the heroin epidemic. A 55 percent increase over 2015 Kane County overdose deaths? Yikes!


I’m not sure, but I think Larry is performing some in-depth research on that whole Kane County strippers lawsuit. Our motto is no sacrifice is too great for the show!

Please tune in to Ward & Jones this afternoon at 3 on WRMN AM1410.

The 1/16/17 edition of Ward & Jones

is right here:


The Smiling Conservative and I discussed:

  • The Coroner contends with a heroin epidemic
  • That Springfield budget compromise goes mainstream
  • State Rep Allen Skillicorn ain’t making friends
  • The Fox River & Countryside Fire Protection District floats another referendum
  • Cody Holt floats a referendum too, but he shouldn’t!

We will be back on Thursday at 3 p.m. Until then…


Clowns Jokers 2

I’m back baby!

Just when you thought opinion columnists were obsolete, I want to thank Aurora Voice Publisher Carter Crane for putting me back in print. And here’s last Thursday’s column. None of y’all better say I don’t take on liberals!

As the Aurora Turns!

I’m back expletive deleteds! And by the looks of the current mayoral race, it’s not a minute too soon. So get out your scorecards!

When we last left off, mayoral contender Linda Chapa LaVia attacked opponent Rick Guzman for a lack of City “transparency.” Of course, that’s more than a bit ironic when a Springfield statute prevents journalists from FOIAing her state rep emails.

Something about pots and kettles, right? But we’ll save that story for later because their prior kerfuffle was much more interesting.

Though Rick vehemently denies it, a source told me his campaign team helped Jose Del Bosque collect over 800 signatures to get on the ballot. That’s no small feat. The theory was, Del Bosque would force a mayoral primary and split the Hispanic vote, giving Guzman the edge.


But Houston, we have three problems!

First, nobody’s figured out how to get Hispanics to vote. Second, only Mr. Guzman’s wife and I know he’s Filipino – the unwashed masses assume he’s Latino. Third, Rick really oughtta avoid a primary because he can’t beat Chapa LaVia one-on-one.

But just when you thought it couldn’t get any sillier, Chapa LaVia challenged Del Bosque’s paperwork, because she doesn’t want a primary! What? Her team musta missed that, in a four-way race with an average turnout, 3,251 votes might be all it takes.

And any of our four mayoral contenders can pull that off.

So when they got word that Guzman’s…I mean Del Bosque’s petition circulators failed to sign the papers in the presence of a notary, Chapa Lavia pounced, and we’re back to four candidates.

Not one to take the high road, she just couldn’t help but go after Guzman for “fraud.”But instead of simply ignoring her like her husband Vern always does, Guzman swore no fraud was committed until he explained exactly how the fraud was committed.


You see, Rick’s written assertion that, “case law clearly allows petitions to be notarized without the petition passer present,” is dead wrong. And I know this because Illinois State Board of Elections Lead Counsel Ken Menzel told me so.

But wait! There’s more!

Chapa Lavia’s team, who clearly slept through Municipal Elections 101, had no idea that just one write-in candidate would also force a February primary, and now we have five! Not even Michael Madigan can “encourage” that many candidates to quit, though I’m sure he’ll try.

So we’re gonna have a primary!

Let’s add it all up! Mr. Guzman “drafts” a Latino candidate to force a primary and split the Hispanic vote, neither of which are in his best interest. To make matters so much worse, he responds to allegations only insiders understand by actually admitting a fraud was perpetrated.

Not to be outdone, Ms. Chapa LaVia eliminates that fifth candidate when a primary is in her best interest – and she unnecessarily aggravated a lot of voters in the process. Everyone but her knew a primary was inevitable, and the now angry Mr. Del Bosque has a lot of friends!

I’d like to think most of us aspire to something more than middle school. Had neither of our “frontrunners” done a damn thing, we’d be right where we are now and they’d both be far better off! Mayor of Aurora? I wouldn’t want either one of ‘em running the local Goody’s