Why can’t y’all be nice?

Why can’t y’all be nice?

T stands for being nice. T stands for manners. T stands for being polite. — Mr. T

My regular readers will likely recall that we finished off Tuesday’s column with “Some of y’all really do suck,” and it pains me to say that suckage continues to be the case.

You see, I was more than a little appalled when reading some of your responses to former U-46 School Board member Jeanette Ward’s social media post announcing her impending move to Wyoming. Like so many other former Land of Lincoln residents, she’s done with this craziness and I don’t blame her. I’m not gonna to reprint any of that commentary here but suffice it to say the majority of it was unnecessarily unkind.

I understand our former board member’s capacity to insistently club people over the head with a true believer Christian perspective can be problematic, but the indisputable truth is, her views represent about half the people in this country.

And I’m always baffled by all those self-proclaimed “intelligent” liberals and progressives who seem to believe that ultra-conservative politicians exist in a vacuum, because they never do. Without fail, they are the inevitable consequence of the left going far too far as they are eminently prone to do.

To wit, it was two separate equal and opposite political reactions that brought Ward to the political forefront.

The first was a Kane County Clerk error that sent the property taxes in the DuPage County portion of U-46 skyrocketing. That mistake was eventually caught and corrected, but it didn’t stop those voters from attributing it to runaway taxation and they put the 2015 U-46 conservative school board slate over the top.

Ah! But it was the second scenario that truly set the stage for Ms. Ward.

When beyond narcissistic board member Traci Ellis abandoned those U-46children by using her position solely as a means to promote her blatant brand of ultra-progressive racism, those all—important white swing voters elected Ward to offset her particular brand of political lunacy.

Put more simply, without Ellis’ absurd hyper-partisan presence, Jeanette Ward wouldn’t have been as much as an afterthought. And the fact that she’s leaving Illinois will in no way mitigate our continuing conservative-progressive death spiral dynamic.

After Ellis petulantly quit the U-46 board mid-term, without her foil around to solidify her position, Ward’s reelection attempt was a foregone conclusion.

So, she took a shot at the 25th State Senate seat, and with very little money and virtually no name recognition, Ward came closer to her well-funded Madigan backed Democratic opponent than most people thought she would.

Given Ward’s capacity to pound the pavement, had it not been for a 2020 new-voter anti-Trump backlash, she would’ve won!.

And let me tell you her opponent, Karin Villa, is no fuckin’ prize. Whenever you combine a very questionable IQ with an impenetrable arrogance it’s always a recipe for a disaster. Villa is only adding to Illinois vast financial woes.

Let’s just say I certainly didn’t vote for the likes of her.

As you might imagine, I reflexively wince whenever religion is the singular basis of a candidacy, and I rarely agreed with my namesake’s bound-to-fail approach to creating change. But unlike so many other elected officials, Ward isn’t prone to hypocrisy, she isn’t afraid of putting herself and her beliefs out there, she never resorted to name calling, and her campaign work ethic is beyond reproach.

Whether we agree with them or not, consistent non-hypocritical Christians are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

As previously stipulated, Ms. Ward and I haven’t found much common ground, but we do agree on most COVID issues including the bullshit mitigations that made the disease so much worse. The vast irony is, if the left and the right would shut the fuck up long enough, they’d quickly discover many such commonalities.

Truth be told, if I commenced to creating a list of all the Illinois politicians I’d like to see move to Wyoming, the progressive category, starting with Governor Pointless, would vastly outnumber those conservative names.

Were it not for my East Aurora teacher wife who loves her job and would like to see a reasonable pension someday, in the words of those great philosophers, The Eagles, I’d be “already gone!” Illinois is a perfect example of what can happen when one political party holds all the cards – and it’s far too late for any kind of recovery.

So, since there’s absolutely no point to it, I’ll simply dispense with any potential vitriol and wish Ms. Ward and her family the best as they move on to their new Western adventures. I do believe Wyoming-ites will be far more likely to embrace her general outlook on life.

As far as the rest of you bleeps go, can’t you make a minimal effort to be a little more civil? C’mon! What’s the point of kicking someone in the ass as they’re walking out the door? How is it that liberals and progressives manage to convince themselves that they always take the high road when they rarely do?

And ain’t it truly terrifying when Jeff Ward is the only adult in the room?

2 thoughts on “Why can’t y’all be nice?

  1. I ALWAYS felt sorry for your namesake . . Looking into her vacuous eyes caused me to think, with regret, upon how many times her mother dropped her on her head as an infant . . and the obvious “Carrie-esk” upbringing the same mother subjected her to. . . The saddest part, because of the aforementioned head drops, Carrie (Jeanette) never rebelled against that mother . . . By the By . . I have spent many wonderful hours with Traci but could never spend more than a few minutes with Jeanette . . . Sometime we will have to have a few pints and you can explain this vitriol toward Traci . . . .

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