Jeff Ward is an 11-year opinion columnist with an acerbic wit, a sense of humor, and a point of view. He’s not afraid to tackle the tough topics even if it means dissecting the Tiger Woods tale, arguing in favor of natural selection taking it’s course, or striking fear into the hearts of nefarious Kane County (and northern Illinois) politicians everywhere.
As Jeff is fond of saying, he has a “keen perception of the obvious.”
Jeff Ward started writing a weekly column for the now defunct Tri-Cities Suns in May of 2006 before moving into the Aurora Beacon-News.  Then he added a column in the Elgin Courier-News in February of 2009. At the time, both newspapers were a proud part of the Sun-Times Media Network.
In 2009, Jeff started writing three weekly columns for Geneva Patch, which were regularly carried by a plethora of suburban Patch outlets. That made Jeff the only opinion columnist since Mike Royko, his idol, to consistently write five columns a week.
Currently, you can read Jeff here, listen to an occasional podcast here, he’s an in-demand campaign manager, he’s almost done with his “So You Wanna Win a Local Election” book (he really is) and he lives in Geneva with his lovely wife and two sons.
Having served under some of the finest newspapers editors on the planet, this is Jeff’s foray into the world of unedited writing. It scares him as much as it does you.

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  1. Your post On being a Kane County Crime Victim stopped me in my tracks, I haven’t really seen anything that sounded like my voice. If you have a moment please look at my blog https://wordpress.com/stats/day/madismouthymom.com
    I am from Utah and if you Google search Marilee Gardner you will see my case. She killed my daughter Madi and her friend Tyler, I am trying to get my voice heard. I am horrified and appalled with the Justice System here in Utah. I was actually given a one day notice for a hearing, but I probably wouldn’t have got any notice if my other daughter hadn’t overheard a voicemail to my stepdad. Thank you for your time, I would like to know more about the story behind this post. I would also like to share that story on my blog if that would be ok. I do have some very supportive readers.

  2. If you are trying to find a settlement from the S A office why not FOIA county board wouldn’t that have to sign off on it. Also county auditor has payouts for each of five FOIA him look under SA see if something pops up

  3. Not sure if you are interested, but the Glenwood School/Maxxam situation reeks of collusion and other suspicious behaviors between McMahon, Glenwood Academy Board Members and Steven Marco (supposed owner of Maxxam). Now McMahon is encouraging the Kane County Board to settle a $68 million dollar lawsuit filed by Marco/Maxxam. Any ways
    your investigative nature can help out would be appreciated.

  4. I love self-written 3rd person bios.
    “A keen sense for the obvious.”
    If it’s obvious, then by definition, you do not need a keen sense to observe and understand it.
    You make it seem like you’re breaking stories for the AP or Washington Post.

    1. Jordon,
      First, I’d ask you to purchase a sense of humor as the “keen sense of the obvious” is a joke. You know what a joke is, right?
      And I have broken many stories as big or bigger that the Tribune or Sun-Times.

  5. Jeff, I don’t know how else to get in touch with you- but I wanted to let you know that I have a Nuclear grade story for you concerning someone involved in the Republican US Senate race against Dick Durbin .
    And unlike Catalina, I know the difference between nuclear weaponry and nuclear power.
    I think you will find it most intriguing.
    If you are interested in hearing more, just let me know.
    Although we sit on different ends of the spectrum, I appreciate your style and your work.

  6. Kane county judicial center refuses to cancel court calls despite confirmed cases being present in the courthouse. A student of dundee crown Hs was diagnosed with covid-19 and was in the courthouse for a field trip the day before he was officially diagnosed. Kane county staff have been sick and asked to continue to come to work regardless of the possible spread of disease. Citizens are being forced to go into the courthouse and sit in crowded public rooms waiting for their court call or probation appts. Judge Hull is putting the community at risk and I feel people should be aware that there have been many confirmed cases throughout the courthouse so they can make informed decisions. Thank you

    1. Kane county has basically shut down its field courts and continued cases for 90 days. Attorneys for at least routine matters do not have to bring clients to court and if just seeking a date can do it by phone. And strangely although I have not verified this judges are not issuing warrants at least for no shows as they do not want new people that might have virus in jail. I am not sure but think main court house is stopping tours and meetings and getting a smaller jury pool so they are trying

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