Jeff Ward is an 11-year opinion columnist with an acerbic wit, a sense of humor, and a point of view. He’s not afraid to tackle the tough topics even if it means dissecting the Tiger Woods tale, arguing in favor of natural selection taking it’s course, or striking fear into the hearts of nefarious Kane County (and northern Illinois) politicians everywhere.

As Jeff is fond of saying, he has a “keen perception of the obvious.”

Jeff Ward started writing a weekly column for the now defunct Tri-Cities Suns in May of 2006 before moving into the Aurora Beacon-News.  Then he added a column in the Elgin Courier-News in February of 2009. At the time, both newspapers were a proud part of the Sun-Times Media Network.

In 2009, Jeff started writing three weekly columns for Geneva Patch, which were regularly carried by a plethora of suburban Patch outlets. That made Jeff the only opinion columnist since Mike Royko, his idol, to consistently write five columns a week.

Currently, you can read Jeff here, listen to an occasional podcast here, he’s an in-demand campaign manager, he’s almost done with his “So You Wanna Win a Local Election” book (he really is) and he lives in Geneva with his lovely wife and two sons.

Having served under some of the finest newspapers editors on the planet, this is Jeff’s foray into the world of unedited writing. It scares him as much as it does you.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Jeff: Please contact me I would like to speak with you regarding my campaign. Thanks – Corinne Pierog

  2. Jeff, What’s your email address? I want to send something interesting

  3. It’s Cary not Kerry he’s the quarterback.

  4. Jeff do you have an email address that you could share? i have some information I would like to share with you. I know that you are good at digging and finding the truth.

  5. Out of curiosity, when you were writing on the patch, you called yourself republican. When did you change to democrat and why? Thanks

  6. Vicky, As Joe Walsh (the rocker) said, “everybody’s so different, I haven’t changed.” As my voting record will attest, I’m still with the GOP.

  7. Are there any posts regarding the City of Batavia and the city council? A lot of interesting activity lately. Thank you

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