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You can listen to it right here: Left Right and You Jan. 29 

A big thanks to Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford for calling in to explain exactly what Illinois’ new subpar A- bond rating really means. What’s another $95 million to beleaguered IL taxpayers!

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford

Allen and I also tried to get the Treasurer to disclose his gubernatorial intentions, but he foiled us at every turn. Rutherford did announce that he would be making an announcement sometime soon.

Suffice it to say that this journalist thinks he’ll be aiming for that Springfield mansion and also believes he’s the best man for the job.

Another tip of the hat to regular callers Koko, Jeff and Dan who generally stayed on point. We do love your feedback!

It’s Left, Right and You time again!

On today’s show:  mainstream_media-left-right-and-you

  • Both the Sun-Times and Tribune called for Mike Madigan to abdicate his Springfield throne if his daughter runs for Governor. What happens if he doesn’t?
  • Allen thinks the media are “Obama-bots,” but how can that be when those Fox News nitwits dominates the cable news airwaves?
  • Illinois now has the lowest credit rating in the country! State Treasurer Dan Rutherford calls in to discuss what that means for taxpayers. We might even ask Dan about his gubernatorial intentions.

All this and your calls (847-931-1410) on WRMN AM1410 from 3 to 4 p.m. today.  Don’t miss it!

The wrong way to get rid of Pat Brady!

Please Lord! I’m trying to have patience with new State Senator Jim Oberweis if for no other reason than I like the guy.  I know, I know. There’s no accounting for taste.  brady

I too would like nothing more than to see Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady sent packing because, as today’s Patch column presents, there are so many good reason to do just that! But what does Sen. Oberweis hang his resignation demand hat on?

That’s right, Brady’s call for the GOP to relent on their same-sex marriage stance when that’s the only thing Brady has managed to do right in the 10 years.

Of course, given his past history, all the papers and news outlets immediately picked up on the Oberweis pronouncement which made Illinois Republicans look just another bunch of intolerant idiots. Like Republicans really need to give voters any more reasons not to vote for them.

Please read the column to see how Jim should’ve done it!

How to tell a fake conservative from the real thing

Kinda continuing on my current Patch theme, Thursday’s column calls out fake conservatives for their abject failure to take personal responsibility for well…anything. As I note in the column, a poll found that 49 percent of Republicans believe ACORN stole the last presidential election.

Fake Conservative

Fake Conservative

The problem with that theory is, ACORN ceased to exist in 2010.

Until the GOP looks squarely in the mirror when they point those fingers, the Democrats will continue to rack up the kind of impressive wins we saw in November. Being an angry old white man will only get you so far. And with this country’s (and county’s) demographics changing with every breath, this could be the beginning of the end of the Republican Party.

The comments on that column are interesting as well. Enjoy!



Don’t forget to listen to Left, Right and You!

Right here Left Right and You Jan. 22.

A special thanks to former State Senator Steve Rauschenberger who admirably filled in for Allen and to Kane County Sheriff Pat Perez for calling in to offer his thoughts on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.

Steve Rauschenberger

Steve Rauschenberger

And I certainly hope the Illinois GOP was listing because, between Steve and myself, we solved every last one of their problems.

Enjoy the show!

It’s Left, Right and You time again!

Please tune in to WRMN AM1410 at 3 p.m. today for the latest installment of Left, Right and You. Special guest co-host and former State Senator Steve Rauschenberger will join me, Jeff Ward, for the radio ride as we dig deeply into pithy topics like:  uncle-sam-allen-skillicorn-jeff-ward

1. Early voting has already started for Elgin’s two-year city council seat. With 9 people running it sounds a lot more like the Fellowship of the Ring than a ballot. Does anyone know any of these people?

2. Should Illinois illegal immigrants be allowed to procure a drivers license? Kane County Sheriff Pat Perez will call in with his always interesting insights.

3. Does his sudden support of same sex marriage mean the end of of the road for Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady? I can’t wait to hear Steve’s thoughts on this one!

And, of course, we’ll take your calls at 847-931-1410. Be there or be square!



How’s that TIF workin’ out for ya?

Tax Increment Financing districts may be a good idea on paper, but they rarely work as advertised. What TIFs are supposed to do is provide developers with an incentive to take on blighted areas by subsidizing new projects with sale tax cash. The municipal hope is that the long term revenues will more than offset that initial hit.

But it rarely works out that way. What typically happens is the mayor cons the city council into going along with one of his or her favorite contributors who’s suddenly supposed to pull off a redevelopment miracle. Not only do most TIFs  fail to live up to their billing, but they end up costing taxpayers even more.  shodeen

As an insightful Patch reader pointed out, if the real estate market would bear that new development, developers would’ve have rushed in to stake their claim without worrying about being underwritten by any of our money.

Though our Monday Patch column example centers around Geneva, the theory applies to all suburban municipalities. In the particular case, after the taxpayers subsidized his mismanaged Geneva on the Dam project (Route 38 and the river), now Kent Shodeen of Shodeen Management is coming back to the those overburdened folks  by fighting his property tax assessment to the tune of $460,000.

Should he prevail, this will cost our schools and other local taxing bodies 40 grand which has to come from somewhere.  And we all know this is just another form of double dipping.

Anyway, enjoy the column!


Can we do away with false patriotism please!

It’s not that this particular brand of flu is all that bad – I only had it for one day – it’s recovering from it that’s the real killer. I’m going to sponsor a new bill that will make it a death penalty offense for anyone to go to work sick or to send their kids to school with the plague.  false patriotism

Sadly this recent under the weatherness is the reason for the lack of posts.

On Thursday Patch, I finally got to cover one of my favorite topics – using false patriotism as a form of pandering or a means of asserting your will on others. We all know you can recite a prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance till your blue in the face, but true spirituality and patriotism only comes from within.

Who gives a flying bleep if a candidate wears a flag pin? What I really wanna know is, are they going to be able to avoid that uncontrollable urge to spend my money?

Anyway, enjoy the column!

The phone lines were rockin’ today!

As is always the case, if you missed Left, Right and You today – and shame on you if you did –  you can listen to the show right here: Left Right and You Jan. 15. 

Sue Harney

Sue Harney

We owe a debt of gratitude to Dundee Township Supervisor Sue Harney and Barrington Hills  Mayor Robert Abboud who both called in to give us their thoughts on why we desperately need to protect our local groundwater. The problem there is, once you screw it up, you don’t get it back!

It was really nice to hear someone other than me disagree with Allen!

We also discussed New York’s brand new gun control law which turned out to be a major bone of contention.  I love it and Allen most certainly does not.

Needless to say, the show is well worth a listen. Until next week…

Please join us on Left, Right and You from 3 to 4 p.m. today

It’s that time of the week again! Tune in to AM1410 from 3 to 4 this afternoon to hear co-host Allen Skillicorn and I discuss:  run-allen-skillicorn-jeff-ward

  • Has his trip to Springfield turned Allen into a card carrying member of the walking dead?
  • Groundwater issues in East Dundee and rain taxes in Elgin with Dundee Township Supervisor Sue Harney.
  • New York is about to pass the toughest gun control law in the nation – are we next?
  • Does softening his same-sex marriage stance mean the end of the road for Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady?

Please call in at 847-931-1410. You don’t wanna miss this one folks!