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December 1, 2016 / jeffnward

The 12/1/16 edition of Ward & Jones is right here!


I could ramble on about how much fun the interview with Mike Bailey was, but why listen to me when you can listen to the show! Larry and I will be back on Monday! Until then…

Don’t forget! Pick up Mike’s latest book ‘300 Lake Street’ at the Elgin Historical Society or the Bluebox Cafe. You won’t regret it!





December 1, 2016 / jeffnward

Mike Bailey today on Ward & Jones!

Former award winning Courier-News columnist, Managing Editor, and current author Mike Bailey will he our hour-long guest today on Ward & Jones!

The Smiling Conservative and I will discuss his new book ‘300 Lake Street’ which not only details Elgin’s “Dark Decade,” but the demise of the Courier-News as well. Between Larry’s knowledge of Elgin and my tenure with that newspaper, I promise you it will be an enlightening conversation.


Where’s the only place you’ll get this kind of in-depth local interview? That’s right! Ward & Jones, Mondays at 9 a.m. and Thursdays at 3 p.m. with the Smiling Conservative Larry Jones and me, the Curmudgeonly Liberal, on WRMN AM1410. Don’t miss it!

November 28, 2016 / jeffnward

Here’s the 11/28/16 edition of Ward & Jones!


We talked about Trump, Fenwick, the local races, and two excellent Kane County Sheriff initiatives.

Mike Bailey will be in Thursday to talk about his new book, ‘300 Lake Street.’ As a former Courier-News columnist, I can’t wait! Until then…


jeff and larry


November 21, 2016 / jeffnward

This is the 11/21/16 edition of Ward & Jones!


The Smiling Conservative and I had a rollicking time talking about Donald Trump, the likely Elgin City Council field, that nefarious Sean Stegall, and monorails in Kane County.

We also want to thank Jeff and Lorraine for calling in. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone, we’ll be back next Monday. Until then…





November 17, 2016 / jeffnward

The 11/17/16 edition of Ward & Jones is deja vu all over again!


Larry and I want to thank State Rep Election Allen Skillicorn for subbing for the somewhat under-the-weather Larry Jones. We certainly covered a lot of ground and I’m sure the Smiling Conservative will be back on Monday!

Until then..


Allen and Jeff



November 15, 2016 / jeffnward

The November 14 Ward and Jones is right here!

We talked about the overarching effects of a rather contentious and status quo destroying presidential election. Pete called in with some cogent points. And then we encouraged all a y’all to run for office – but be smart about it.

Then there was the ignominious scotch exchange as I paid off a bet to Larry (pictured below). Life will never be the same!  We’ll see you on Thursday. Until then…






November 10, 2016 / jeffnward

It’s the November 10, 2016 edition of Ward & Jones


Of course, the Smiling Conservative and I covered all of the election results. Enjoy the show! We’ll be back on Monday. Until then…


Jeff and Larry 3