It may not be Christmas anymore…

…but here’s something even better than that pair of tube socks you got yesterday:

Tim Elenz

Tim Elenz

A big thanks to former LR&Y host Tim Elenz for coming on the show and helping us review the top news stories of 2013. Hint; we all agreed the Obamacare roll out debacle was the biggest.

Next week Allen and I will tell what will be the biggest news stories of 2014! But for now, enjoy the show.


The spirit of radio…

…is still alive! And all the evidence you need is right here: 

This 12/19 edition of Left, Right and You covered:

  • Former Governor Rod Blagojevich’s pending appeal. The bottom philosophical line is, can a bribe consist of  a political appointment?
  • Why the local media continues to fail by covering bizarre stories and taking strange stances.
  • Did Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson go too far with his comments on blacks and gays

Enjoy the show (and your Christmas)!

It’s your last chance…

…to listen to Left, Right and You before the holidays! That’s right! I’m wishing you a happy holidays because I’m secure in my Festivus spirit!

Today! From 3 to 4 p.m. on AM1410 Jeff Ward and Allen Skillicorn will discuss:  listen-2-left-right-and-you-radio

  • Three recent news stories that are driving Jeff Crazy. And none of them have to do with the Daily Herald. (I know you you all love my rants!)
  • Will the 7th Appellate Court let Blago off the hook? Here’s a hint: Jeff thinks they will and he’s always right.
  • What! Conservatives are turning on Ronald Reagan? Maybe the end-times really are here!

And, of course, your calls at 847-931-1410. Be there or be square!

Baby it’s cold outside…

…curse Allen for not going through with our duet. And then I got so busy cleaning the house (That’s right ladies! I cook and clean!) I forgot to the put the LR&Y teaser up this afternoon. But not to fear gentle listener! Today’s Left, Right and You is right here for your listening pleasure: 

Charles Butler

Charles Butler

A big thank you to conservative BLACK radio host Charles Butler for joining the show, talking about Nelson Mandela, and making for some very lively conversation.

Another tip of Allen and my collective hat to Carl Arriaza for calling in and talking about the bit-coin alternative currency phenomenon. Word to the wise from someone who traded for a couple years, don’t bet the farm on Internet currencies!

Enjoy the show!


Another Left, Right and You…

…has been recorded for posterity! And you can listen to it right here:

Jim Fuller

Jim Fuller

DH reporter Jim Fuller and I had a fascinating conversation on journalistic standards. While I appreciate his answers, the fact that a more open administration takes more hits is only going to teach politician to be less open.

And then Illinois Chamber of Commerce President Doug Whitley joined the show to explain exactly what the current pension reform bill means for the state of Illinois. I have to admit I really like his enthusiasm for this potential political progress.

Enjoy the show!

Doug Whitney

Doug Whitley

It may not be Thanksgiving…

…but Left, Right and You will certainly make your Thursday well worthwhile. On today’s show:  putin-allen-skillicorn-jeff-ward

  • Is Jeff playing favorites with certain liberal news outlets? (I’ll let you in on the answer to that one – no he isn’t)
  • Daily Herald reporter Jim Fuller will join the show to have a respectful conversation about journalistic standards. Jeff thinks the DH falls far too short.
  • President of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Doug Whitley, will also join the show to talk about the new pension bill that sits on the Governor’s desk, Is it really reform or more of the same?

All this and your calls (847-931-1410) on WRMN AM1410 from 3 to 4 p.m. today. Don’t miss it!