And the unanimous decision goes to…

Jeff Ward. When will Allen learn that he’s simply no match for my impeccable liberal logic.

But don’t take my word for it, you can listen to the show right here: 

A big thank you to insurance expert Brad Urhausen for calling in and giving a REALISTIC and

Brad Urhausen

Brad Urhausen

REASONABLE viewpoint of where the Affordable Care Act might take us.

As far as right wing lunatics like like Sen. Ted Cruz go, where are all those great “conservative” health care ideas?

And even though Bill Ayers spoke at ECC today, despite what some local conservative Chicken Littles might be saying, the sky is still there.

Enjoy the show!

Is it Thursday already?

Then count your blessings because Left, Right and You will go live at 3 p.m. on Elgin’s WRMN AM1410.

On Today’s show!   redress-of-gievances-jeff-ward-allen-skillicorn

  • Insurance expert Brad Urhausen calls in to talk about the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges. Will they work?
  • Considering conservatives consistently campaign on moral certainty, shouldn’t  companies that reap billions in profits take better care of their employees?
  • Bill Ayers is set to speak at Elgin Community College. Oh look! The sky isn’t falling!

All this and your calls at 847-931-1410.! Be there or be square!

Prepare to be enlightened!

Because all it takes is listening to this week’s edition of Left, Right and You:

Dan Rutherford

Dan Rutherford

A big thank you to IL GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford for taking time out of his insanely busy schedule to call into the show.  You don’t wanna miss that conversation.

Then Allen and I proceeded to sort out Bill Daley’s withdrawal and that whole race in general. Hint: it you might want to start calling him “Governor” Rutherford now!.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

It’s almost that time again!

I know the excitement is unbearable, but if you can just hold out till 3 p.m. you’ll be just fine. Today! On WRMN AM1410:  putt-putt-president-ward-skillicorn

  • IL GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford joins the show. We’ll ask him how the campaign is proceeding.
  • Jeff’s favorite Democrat, Bill Daley, pulls out of that same race. But isn’t it finally of sign of some political sanity?
  • Obamacare makes doctors ask about your sex life? Just ask them to text it in and they’ll be fine

All this and your calls at 847-931-1410.

And Jeff prevails yet again!

It’s too bad that Allen’s no match for me, but you have to give him credit for trying! Listen to his liberal thrashing right here:

Thanks to former St. Charles Mayor and new Kane County RTA Board member Don DeWitte for calling in and sharing his thoughts on what’s been a rather contentious topic – public transportation boards.  He will serve Kane County commuters well!

Don DeWitte

Don DeWitte

Another tip of our hats to Governor Quinn spokesperson Dave Blanchette for calling in and setting the record straight on those $700,00 capitol building doors. Perhaps there is some sanity in Springfield after all.

And even though it was hard to say it, Vladimir Putin was right, Americans are not exceptional! Enjoy the show!

It’s almost go time!

Please tune into WRMN AM1410 from 3 to 4 p.m. today for another suspense filled episode of Left, Right and You! Find out when I will bring the liberal hammer down on Allen? On today’s show:  Listening-Device-jeff-ward-allen-skillicorn

  • Was the President lucky on Syria (as Trib columnist Steve Chapman posited) or was he smart? Does it matter?
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin told Americans they aren’t special. And he was right! Look no further than you kid’s last math test.
  • Former St. Charles Mayor and brand new Kane County RTA Board member Don DeWitte join the show as well.

Don’t miss it!

It may be fall in Elgin…

…but we’re still hot baby!

Today! From 3 to 4 p.m. on WRMN AM1410, prepare for the kind of enlightenment that only Left, listen-2-left-right-and-you-radioRight  and You can provide!

  • Allen is back in the news! What did he do this time?
  • Apparently Elgin councilman Terry Gavin has watched Dr. Strangelove one too many times!
  • Should we intervene in Syria? That’s a tough one!
  • I don’t work at your store! So why do so many chain stores think that I do!

All this and your calls at 847-931-1410.

Yikes! Better late than never! The 8/29 edition of Left, Right and You…

is right here: 

Sorry for the delay folks as it was a lively show where we covered topics ranging from MLK to Miley Cyrus to Elgin’s inexplicable tussle with a mobile ultrasound van. Both TLC’s attorney Noel Sterett and TLC’s Chairman Dr. John Juergensmeyer provided their insights.

Enjoy the show!