Why can't Kane County Republicans just get along?

Why can't Kane County Republicans just get along?

Apparently the spit has hit the fan in the coroner’s race, but it’s not what you think. The problem isn’t between candidates Tao Martinez and Rob Russell, it’s between factions within the Kane County GOP.
Isn’t it nice to know that some things never change!

Rob Russell

Though I don’t harbor any personal animosity towards GOP nominee Russell, he’s one of the last of the McConnaughay/Shepro crew to hang on which doesn’t make him very popular with 75 percent of KC Republicans. My only issue with him is, do we really want anyone in office who’s attended DuPage County Sheriff John Zaruba’s school of how to be a corrupt politician?
So when word got out that political consultant John Zahm’s wife was participating in the Martinez campaign, our favorite snarling precinct committeeman and self-appointed guardian of all GOP things holy, Ellen Nottke, went ballistic.
If you recall, John Zahm was the one who brought Kevin Burns rather embarrassing county chair campaign emails to light.
In an effort to make Mel Gibson look like a moderate, Ms. Nottke issued an email screed essentially accusing the Republican “reformers” of being traitorous wretches who were destroying her party.
Of course, you might find this whole tirade a wee bit strange when you considers that Nottke is openly backing Democratic county chair contender Sue Klinkhamer. Why does that whole pots and kettle thing suddenly come to mind?
Tao Martinez

The bottom line is, Martinez is a much better coroner candidate. He may be a Democrat, but the last Hispanic Democrat we elected – Sheriff Pat Perez – certainly turned out OK. So if you’re tired of entitled folks like Nottke and the same old Kane County shenanigans, then please considering crossing party lines and voting for Martinez.

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