The good news and the bad news

The good news and the bad news

I nearly spit my Trader Joe’s apple cinnamon instant oatmeal right out this morning when I read the Daily Herald had actually endorsed Drew Frasz over his Democratic “pinup” county board nemesis. Though I wouldn’t get too excited about it – they also endorsed Mike Kenyon and Maggie Auger.
I wonder who Drew slept with to get the nod.

Drew Frasz

Apparently cowed by my withering criticism of their absurd endorsement process and bizarre editorial logic, they finally did the right thing in the 26th District. Of course, now that he has their blessing Drew will promptly lose (not really).
But then I moved on to the Chronicle who just announced that Jotham Stein would, once again, run for Don DeWitte’s soon to be vacant mayoral seat. Before I gave Don permission to retire (Yes! I have that much power!), I made him swear that neither Sue Klinkhamer nor Jotham Stein would make any attempt to replace him.
This may be difficult to believe, but there are political folks out there who really don’t care for me. But despite our differences, we manage to let it all slide when it’s time to talk in public or private. On the rare occasion we do talk, even the Chairman and I manage to be cordial.
But even when I count Ken Shepro’s verbal boardroom assault, the most horrific candidate/public official I’ve ever dealt with, bar none, is Jotham Stein. He makes Rush Limbaugh seem like Mr. Rogers. He’s rude, dismissive, grating, arrogant and thinks he’s far more than he really is.
Jotham Stein

When they came up with the term “dick” as it applies to a human being, this is the guy they had in mind. You think Klinkhamer screwed up St. Charles? Just wait till you see what Stein would do given the unlikely opportunity.
Mr. Rogina! Godspeed!

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