Joe McMahon is a great state's attorney

Joe McMahon is a great state's attorney

Now, I know we spend most of our time here calling out the bad guys, but in Monday’s Courier-News column we call out a good guy! Sometimes you have to throw a changeup to keep ’em guessing about the fastball.
The bottom line in that piece is, Joe McMahon has done a fantastic job filling in for John Barsanti and he’s clearly earned four more years. 
Joe is a true Republican in the sense of giving people who made a poor choice a real chance to change their lot. And isn’t that the primary GOP plank – pulling yourself up by the bootstraps? Sometimes a little extra tug is just what those folks need.
And every citizen his office keeps out of jail saves us real money.  Remember, it costs $22,000 a year to house an inmate in Illinois and prison tends to be nothing more than a college for criminals.
Ah yes! The value of mercy should never be strained.

3 thoughts on “Joe McMahon is a great state's attorney

  1. Jeff, Joe does seem to be a good guy………but, his appointment still has a cloud around it. If you recall you were given his name that he was goig to get the appointment before the “Blue Ribbon” committee was set up. It was a back room deal. Until that is out in the open there will always be that little black cloud around him.

  2. Jim,
    Remember that proverbial broken clock that’s right twice a day? If for no other reason than you can’t be perfect, on occasion the Chairman did make some good appointments/hires. Cheryl Patelli, Mark Armstrong, Roger Fahnstock, Mark VanKerkof etc…
    As that state senate run got closer, she realized she couldn’t pull her normal shenanigans without it costing her politically. Thus, we actually got a great state’s attorney.

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