We're Geneva! We don't have to care!

We're Geneva! We don't have to care!

In today’s Patch piece, we cover the fact that the City of Geneva has still offered no explanation for two 3 plus hour power outages in less than a month.  
I can’t  understand why, in this digital day and age, Mayor Burns and City Manager McKittrick insist upon withholding as much information as they possibly can. It’s obvious they believe what we don’t know won’t hurt them.
And the sad thing is, they’d get away with it if it wasn’t for me holding their feet to the fire.  Where’s the Chronicle or the Geneva Republican?

3 thoughts on “We're Geneva! We don't have to care!

  1. Didn’t the CHRONICLE support Burns in his futile, humorous attempt to win the GOP nomination for County Board Chairman?
    I didn’t see the GENEVA REPUBLICAN in those days, but can I assume they did the same?

    1. Denny,
      Burns got every newspaper to endorse him – the Trib, the Chronicle and the Daily Herald. But as I put it in one of my columns, a newspaper endorsement plus 4 bucks will get you a small cup of coffee at Starbucks.
      This is why the Beacon and Courier don’t do endorsements anymore, it’s a waste of time!

  2. My favorite story about endorsements concerns the SUN-TIMES endorsement of Todd Stroger for Chairman of the Cook County Board: the unanimous opinion of the SUN-TIMES editorial staff was that Stroger was the LAST person they would endorse. However, the then-publisher (there have been several since) ORDERED them to endorse the Toddler, because he feared losing subscribers in Chicago’s south and west sides if they didn’t.
    So much for integrity ever being a part of the SUN-TIMES.

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