The vast hypocrisy of Governor Pointless!

The vast hypocrisy of Governor Pointless!

To all those bleeps who recently insisted that Governor Pointless wasn’t a complete hypocrite, or at least he wasn’t one lately, my question to you is, do you ever get tired of being wrong?

Republicans couldn’t hold an outdoor socially distanced picnic at a rural farm, but the eminently at-risk morbidly obese Governor had no problem taking a Chicago streets victory lap to celebrate Trump’s defeat with thousands of his newest best friends. You can read the Tribune op-ed right here!

If you ask me to wear a mask indoors, in the words of that great philosopher Leonard Cohen, “I’m your man!” But if you expect me to follow the illegal and random edicts of this vast hypocrite, then you’ve sadly mistaken me for a fluffy white farm animal. The Thanksgiving invites are going out today!

And progressives! Please don’t forget that I’m a classic liberal because I know it’s makes your collective heads explode in the most lovely way!

¡Viva la Revolución!






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