2020 Election Recap – continued!

2020 Election Recap – continued!

First and foremost, since gratitude may well be the most powerful force in the universe, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the readers who’ve so generously contributed to The First Ward cause. As you might imagine, I have no expectation of being appreciated, but it’s quite nice when it does happen!

With that stipulation permanently entered into the record, let’s move on to the Kane Countywide elections which generally sucked!

But here’s the fascinating thing! Despite a record turnout that, in years past, would’ve meant a complete and utter Republican destruction, with the exception of the auditor’s race, those contests were very close. So, while Kane County Democrats were busy getting drunk that night, Dem Virginia Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger said it all; “If we are classifying 2020 as a success, we will get f*****g torn apart again in 2022.”

I swear I’m going to marry that fabulously foul-mouthed woman! And the Congressperson knows of what she speaks because the hapless Party of the Jackass not only lost seats in the U.S. House, but their share of minority voters DECLINED – in the Trump era, no less!

But every time I try to tell the overly liberal and progressive rabble that their persistent minority patronizing is the worst kind of bigotry, they laugh at me like I just said I was a flat Earther. The blatant truth is, if it weren’t for his abysmal response to the pandemic, Donald Trump would be well on his way to a second term primarily as a result of statements like this from Elizabeth Warren:

“I’m going to have a secretary of education that this trans person interviews on my behalf. And if only if this person believes our secretary, or secretary of education, nominee is committed to creating a welcoming environment, a safe environment and a full educational curriculum for everyone, that person will actually be advanced to be secretary of education.”

The only possible answer to that declaration is, “WTF are you thinking?” So, why did the KC Dems squeak by the Countywide GOP incumbents? There’s just one reason!

Despite the kind of vast Democratic dysfunction that State Senator Cristina Castro warned me about in my early Beacon-News days, KC Democratic Chairman Mark Guethle is beyond proficient at herding those ADHD cats. Aside from being willing to work his ass off, and I’m not sure how he does it, he can get 90 percent of that gaggle to put aside their monumental differences aside and get out the vote for the good of the Party.

Meanwhile, Kane County Republican Chairman Ken Shepro’s singular specialties are inciting pointless GOP factions, an insistent  Don King impersonation, and gaining weight. The only reason he took that job was to be an irritating thorn in outgoing Chairman Chris Lauzen’s side. Had he made the slightest effort to motivate central Kane County Republican voters and raise money, Dave Rickert and Tom Hartwell would’ve won.

But he couldn’t be bothered with those mundane tasks.

So, if those generally delusional KC Republicans finally come to terms with the fact that they’re not the countywide elected majority anymore, and they truly want to take advantage of the inevitable anti-Biden 2022 midterm backlash, they need to elect a party chairman who can rival Mark Guethle, or quoth the raven, Kane County will be Republican “nevermore!”

Don’t get too comfortable my liberal compatriots! Aside from death and taxes, just like it was with the KC GOP, these newly elected Democrats will turn on each other faster than a pack of starving Chicago alley rats deprived of all that indoor dining detritus. Those impending conflagrations will make the previous Republican kerfuffle’s look like a Wednesday evening assisted living bridge club meeting.

Electing Penny Wegman to serve as your auditor is a lot like hiring Lori Lightfoot to be your 2020 Christmas Party planner. It just won’t work. She’s simply not capable of doing the job. Kane County really has become a jobs program for the Wegman family, and that will come around to bite them in the butt.

If Theresa Barreiro somehow manages to hang on to the right Circuit Clerk’s Office staffers, she might be able to pull it off, but when you consider her consistent lack of composure at County Board meetings, I wouldn’t be putting any money on that proposition anytime soon.

And if she overly disappoints those prima donna 16th Circuit Judges, and she will, they’ll tear her a new one so fast and frequently that Barreiro will be forced to bring a hemhorrhoid pillow with her everywhere she goes.

Then there’s incoming Chairman Corinne Pierog, who’s photograph graces the Miriam Webster definition of the word “narcissist.” Of course, the first thing she’ll try to do is hire her dingbat daughter to the highest paying County position possible.

And just wait until the still-Republican majority County Board (Ford, Allen and Lewis may have a “D” by their names, but…) refuses to give her that $400,000 a year county administrator and she actually has to do the work! It’s gonna make a Wes Craven movie look like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s!’

To make matters so much worse, the local unions threw so much money at Pierog they’re going to expect to have their contract negotiating way at every turn at a time when the plague will render the word “austerity” completely meaningless.

The good news, however, is, KC State’s Attorney elect, Jamie Mosser, will finally drain that bleepin’ swamp off an office. Don’t expect it to happen on day one, but the truth is, if she sold tickets to misdemeanor division head Joe Cullen’s firing, she could cover her budget for the next eight years.

All I’m gonna say in this regard is, this journalist put a great deal of effort into coming up with the right candidate and then serving as her campaign architect. And she turned out to be the best candidate I’ve ever worked with (sorry Ron!). But the delicious irony involved here is, the ASA who came forward with the KCSAO sexual harassment scandal that derailed Joe McMahon’s career, is the very same individual who put Ms. Mosser forth.

Karma is an amazing thing, particularly when one enjoys the rare privilege of bringing balance to one’s own own Force! Rest assured, Dear Reader, I’m not nearly done in this regard because I’ve worked far too hard to make Kane County a better place to give up on it now!

So, not only will the conversation continue, but it’s about to get a lot better!

In part three, we’ll talk about Keith Wheeler and why every Illinois Republican should study his ascent.

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