An open letter to Shaw Media

An open letter to Shaw Media

For reference purposes, John Rung is the Shaw Media CEO, and Tom Shaw is the Chief Product Officer. In addition to being posted here, this letter was also submitted to them via email.


Dear Messrs. Rung and Shaw,

As a Chronicle subscriber and a longstanding investigative journalist and opinion columnist, I found this Kane County Chronicle article particularly disturbing for a variety of reasons. First, and foremost, it reminded me of something the Stasi would do, and second, it’s nothing more than a continuation of Shaw Media’s inexplicable misrepresentation of the disease.

We know exactly who the coronavirus kills and the Governor should be taking the steps to protect those at-risk folks as opposed to closing restaurants and bars. More importantly, Kane County Health Department Director Barb Jeffers was quite clear when she told The First Ward and the Daily Herald that the disease is being spread by 20-somethings hosting parties in private homes. Please refer to my responses on the article on the Chronicle Facebook page for more evidence in that regard.

The intent of the original shutdown was to prevent our health care system from being overwhelmed and to give them an opportunity to procure the appropriate PPE. Furthermore, every expert predicted this second COVID wave, yet, not only did the Governor fail to adequately prepare for it, but he shut down the overflow facilities like McCormick Place that would’ve prevented these pointless mitigations.

So why should our bars and restaurants have to suffer the consequence for his abject failure?

Lastly in this regard, if your reporters can’t figure out that late April’s 2,283 average daily cases with 1,289 COVID occupied ICU beds, shifting to last week’s 10,772 average daily cases with just 857 COVID occupied ICU beds, means the disease has mutated into something more contagious, but less deadly, then they shouldn’t be journalists.

If you need more evidence of what I speak, may I humbly suggest you read these two pieces:

But back to my original point. The previously referenced Chronicle article was beyond disturbing because independent restaurants and bars are not the superspreader culprits here, and if they’re forced to close again, they won’t survive that economic hit. Carryout orders only account for 20 percent of their business even during these difficult pandemic times.

So, here’s my promise to Shaw Media, and Mr. Shaw knows I always keep my promises!

Should any of Shaw Media’s papers, particularly the Chronicle and Elburn Herald, run another article approximating the one in question, I will reach out to the following advertisers to explain their complicity in Shaw Media doing their damndest to force local small business out of business. And those advertisers include, but aren’t nearly limited to:

  • Oak Crest Retirement Center
  • The Neuropathy Breakthrough Folks
  • Port Edward
  • Full Service Animal Hospital
  • First Secure Community Banks
  • FNBO Bank
  • Geneva Ace Hardware
  • J&D Door Sales
  • State Street Jewelers
  • Loyal Companions Animal Hospital
  • Fox Valley Coins
  • Golden Seal Heating and Air Conditioning
  • BATV
  • Service Now HVAC
  • Georgia Carpets
  • Fee Dentistry
  • Rullo ReMax
  • Kane County Flea Market
  • Vestuto Real Estate

And by “reaching out” I mean emailing them directly as well as regularly posting the names of those complicit businesses on Rest assured that many of my columns do far better than a Chronicle piece does these days!

Put more simply, if you don’t rein in Brenda Schory’s persistent bovine manure, you will quickly discover that I’m more than up to the task. Thank you for your time and careful consideration of this matter.

Jeff Ward

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