The Coronavirus Report – You CAN handle the truth – Continued!

The Coronavirus Report – You CAN handle the truth – Continued!

“Somewhere out there a tree is tirelessly producing oxygen so you can breathe. I think you owe it an apology.” – House

Considering some of the social media comments on Tuesday’s part one, the rabble really oughtta be grateful the plague doesn’t kill stupid people, because 98.5 percent of them wouldn’t stand a chance.

I’m still waiting for the 30-some reader rebuttals promised since I started regularly writing about the pandemic back in April. But even after I tell those folks I’ll be more than happy to publish their mathematical counterpoints right here on The First Ward, once they see the same Illinois Department of Public Health numbers, they vanish faster than Trump’s baseless election fraud claims from a court of law.

If you can’t figure out that April’s 2,283 average daily cases with 1,289 COVID occupied ICU beds shifting to today’s 10,772 average daily cases with 857 COVID occupied ICU beds means the disease has mutated, then here’s what I want you to do! Gather your children together at the dining room table this evening and sincerely apologize for passing on your genes. You might also want to get them to start practicing, “Do you want fries with that?” but that’s up to you.

If the disease hasn’t become more contagious and less deadly, then please explain why the Illinois COVID mortality rate is dropping a massive two tenths of a percent a week. That steep decline cannot possibly be statistically attributed a one-time “better care” result!

So, now that we’ve established this fact-based evidence came directly from the Illinois Department of Health and the Kane County Health Department, let’s move on to Governor Pointless’ latest attempt at making the situation so much worse!

It’s what he does best.

First, both the CDC and the WHO are now steadfastly proclaiming that, not only will further shutdowns fail to stem the virus tide, but it’s the least of our brothers and sisters who will be disproportionally affected by all that economic havoc. Put more simply, the cure is worse than the disease.

Second, even Aurora Mayor Richard “I-Never-Met-a-Shutdown-I-Didn’t-Like” Irvin managed to take time off from giving himself a raise to ask the Governor for the metrics that would indicate restaurants and bars are ground zero for this second pandemic spike.

And he’s not nearly the only elected official asking that question, either.

But, so far, Pritkzker has failed to follow through on any of those requests which can only mean one of two things. Either the data doesn’t fit his narrative, or the State doesn’t have any supporting data. If I were a bettin’ man I’d put my money on the latter!

Because the e-v-i-d-e-n-c-e (I know some of you have trouble with that word so I said it slowly this time) resoundingly demonstrates that this new, more contagious, mutation of the virus is spreading in private homes and NOT in restaurants and bars.

Though anecdotal evidence never counts, I am suddenly hearing a slew of stories from friends whose children recently got the disease from visiting their friends.

Better yet, Kane County Health Department Director Barbara Jeffers told The First Ward and the Daily Herald that their coronavirus “surge” contact tracing efforts led directly to twenty-somethings partying in in private homes.

But here’s the pasty resistance! USA Today just published that, “A new study indicates the coronavirus gets transmitted more quickly than previously believed within households…” and then they encouraged people to wear masks at home and quickly isolate themselves if they have the slightest symptoms.

But since no one can control private behavior, twenty-somethings don’t care about contracting a mild to asymptomatic case, and most of us are sick and tired of all the baseless progressive pandemic panic porn, those at-risk individuals aren’t about to wear a mask in their own family room.

Add that dynamic to the sheer number of new cases and, of course, hospitalizations are going up, but not nearly at the older pathogen rate.

So, in what possible bleepin’ alternate reality does Governor Pointless possibly believe that telling everyone to stay at home again is gonna solve, or even slow, the spike problem? And if anyone truly thinks that children won’t continue to play with their friends indoors, 25-year-olds won’t continue to host basement parties, and families and friends won’t get together for Thanksgiving, then you really do need go outside and apologize to that tree again.

The almost unimaginable irony is, we’d all be far better off in well-ventilated bars, restaurants and workplaces than we’d ever be in our musty, over-insulated, and suffocating homes.

And when our leaders continue to fail us this miserably on every level, it’s time to ignore them.

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