Quick Hits – March 16, 2018

Quick Hits – March 16, 2018

Say no to Geneva

With early voting in full swing, I many be a little late weighing in on this one, but that won’t stop me from encouraging my fellow Genevans to vote “No” on the Geneva sales tax increase ballot measure. It’s only a .5 percent increase, but just like offering an alcoholic a pint of Guinness, it will simply enable the City’s spending addiction.

The best proof of what I say is, while Mayor Kevin Burns is consistently crying poor, they’re hiring an assistant city manager to the tune of a quarter of a million tax dollars. Aside from Aurora and Elgin, both more than four times our size, no other Kane County Municipality has a dedicated assistant city manager.

And we don’t need one, either.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s private city employee army, who are never held accountable for anything, enjoys the kind of absurd benefits that you and I can only dream of. Put more simply, there’s so much fat in the Geneva budget we could use the fiscal equivalent of lap band surgery.

I love Geneva’s argument, too! “We have to come in line with St. Charles and Batavia sales tax.” But what you never hear is, “Neither St. Charles nor Batavia have an assistant city manager so we should probably stay in line with them.”

Breaking an addiction always requires a little tough love, so please send a message to the alderman and city administrators by voting “No” on any Geneva tax or fee hike referendum.


It’s prediction time!

1. Governor

J. B. Pritzker, already having spent almost $70 million of his own money, will handily prevail over rivals Daniel Biss and Chris Kennedy, who ran two of the worst campaigns in modern history. It’s certainly sad that after spending all that cash, Pritzker is basically tied with “undecided” at 33 percent. But with Biss and Kennedy tied at about 15 percent each, it would take a truly wild statistical break to put either one of them over the top.

On the other side, despite his absurd mailers and commercials, Bruce Rauner will beat Jeanne Ives, but not by very much. I’m predicting she’ll get about 47 percent of the vote.

2. Attorney General

Sharon Fairley will make her way out of that crowded field and she will beat Erika Harold in November.

3. 14th District Congress

Jim Walz, a tireless campaign worker and the previous Democratic nominee, will easily dispatch his six primary opponents, most of whom couldn’t win even if they had Pritkzer money. Lauren Underwood is clearly the best candidate, but she’s campaigning as if it were a city council race and she hasn’t been able to rise above the field. Illinois Congressional Democrats really need to get their act together if they want to take those Republican seats. What’s the point in running when you can’t possibly win?


4. Kane County Sheriff

Though I do have a horse in this race, Ron Hain will beat Willie Mayes on the Democratic side, and, since my three favorite Kane County Republicans believe Don Kramer will squeak by Kevin Tindall, I’ll go with their hypothesis.

5. Kane County Clerk

Though he really should retire, despite making absolutely no campaign effort, Jack Cunningham will beat challenger Stan Bond.

6. Kane County Board

Despite the Chairman’s intervention, all of the incumbents will keep their seats. I don’t think I can take four more years of Phil Lewis.

7. 16 Circuit Judge

Elizabeth Flood, who’s run a shockingly competent campaign for a sitting judge will squeak by Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell with David Kliment coming in dead last.

On the Democratic side, Lark Cowart will upset former State Senator Michael Noland who’s looking at disbarment for blatantly violating the Illinois judicial canon of ethics. One can only hope that loss relegates Noland to the political obscurity he so richly deserves.

8. Fox River and Countryside Fire Protection District

Like the others before it, that referendum will go down by a 2 to 1 margin forcing the failed fire district to finally be disbanded.

9. Aurora Election Commission

Because so many Aurora Democrats believe that Republicans are behind the move to eliminate the commission, they will survive.


Go maroon and gold!

If you did not watch the Loyola Ramblers – Miami Hurricanes NCAA basketball game yesterday afternoon, you missed one for the ages. An improbable steal in the final minute, a missed Hurricane free throw, and a running line drive 3-pointer by Donte Ingram with .3 seconds left sealed the deal.

I screamed so loud as that final shot went through the net, my older son ran into my home office to see what was wrong.

So, you know exactly where I’ll be tomorrow (at 5:10 p.m. as the Ramblers beat the Tennessee Volunteers to move into the Sweet Sixteen. Viva la March Madness!

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – March 16, 2018

    1. Fred, The reason I stand at 85 to 90 percent accuracy on predicting truly contested races is because I only weigh in on those contests where my bizarre brain can automatically process all the variables – signs, mailers, forum performances, etc…

      So, when we’re getting to the 6th Congressional, the fact that I’m rarely in it makes it more difficult to make a pronouncement.

      Cheney seems to be getting the endorsements, but as a professional campaign manager, I’m pleasantly surprised to see Kelly Mazeski do everything right. And she’s one of the few candidates that understands you have to “look” the role.

      Of course, I haven’t seen her mailers, but given a 7 candidate field and her 17 years in politics, I think Mazeski might just pull it out.

      And if any of the female candidates prevail, Roskam is done.

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