Quick Hits – March 14, 2018

Quick Hits – March 14, 2018

Rauner and Ives continue their dance to the bottom

Bruce! Nobody but nobody is buyin’ your “Jeanne Ives is Mike Madigan’s favorite Republican” BS TV ads – not even your most strident supporters. And to take two of her Tribune endorsement comments so completely out of context is beneath even you, sir.

Rauner Ives

First, in no way does Jeanne Ives “support” the Madigan state income tax hike. She said she wouldn’t repeal it right away because she understands that pulling that fiscal rug out from under us would do even more damage to Illinois’ already dismal bond rating.

Unlike you Bruce, Ive’s doesn’t believe in “governing by crisis.”  She understands all sorts of financial reforms have to be installed before we can even start thinking about cutting taxes.

Second, when Ives told the Tribune, “I don’t think that’s any way to deal with the powerful Speaker of the House – Mike Madigan,” she wasn’t “supporting” him! She was accurately noting that name calling and creating an artificial budget crisis would not pull Illinois back from the fiscal abyss, much less serve the people of the state.

Though no Democratic gubernatorial candidate is setting my soul on fire, I can’t wait to see whatever nominee put Bruce Rauner out of our misery.


Isn’t this exactly what we’re trying to teach them?

The irony of some school administrators threatening to discipline students for participating in today’s national walkout to protest gun violence certainly isn’t lost on me. Their hypothesis is it “isn’t safe” for students to leave their classrooms during the course of the day.

GHS Walkout
Geneva High School participates in the National Walkout

Haven’t they noticed that it ain’t exactly safe for them to be in those classrooms these days, either?

But not all is lost dear reader! Mundelein High School spokesperson Ron Girard was dead on when he said, “We don’t see a reason to discipline students for engaging in a learning activity.”

C’mon! Instead of using their cell phones and social media to send questionable photographs, high school children have organized a nationwide effort to rein in gun violence, something adults seem incapable of doing.

Don’t we want our children to think for the themselves? Don’t we want them to question authority? Don’t we want them to, on occasion, take a stand for a noble cause?

All I can say is, carry on my young friends! Unreasonable conservatives are shaking in their shoes.


Give the truth a chance

Regardless of the final verdict, there will be no winners in the recent fatal Elgin Police shooting of  DeCynthia Clements. It’s a truly sad situation for all parties involved.

But while we await that final word, I want to applaud Elgin’s black community for their measured response to this tragedy, and EPD Chief Jeff Swoboda and the department for facing the challenge head on.

elgin water

A new Illinois law requires an independent investigation whenever an officer uses deadly force, and that’s exactly what the Illinois State Police are doing as we speak. Armed with multiple body camera video footage, the truth will come out.

The problem is, the State Police don’t do anything quickly, so this is one going to take some time and patience. Let’s continue to give these investigators a chance to do their job.


Go Ramblers!

The last time the Loyola Ramblers men’s basketball team made the NCAA finals was way back in 1985, the year I graduated from that hallowed institution. Though it took 33 years for history to finally repeat itself, this exciting turn of events brought back some rather fond memories.

You see, the bulk of that 1985 team was in two of my classes and they clustered around my desk in both, making me feel very, very short. We won’t go into exactly why they all sat beside me – let’s just say I did my small part to keep that team on the court.


The cool thing was, for Division I star athletes, Alfredrick “The Great” Hughes, Andre Moore, Andre Battle, Carl Golston and Nate Brooks were all incredibly nice to a scrawny 6-foot, 150 lb. Caucasian senior, who loves basketball.

Having had the opportunity to regularly discuss the most recent game with those gentlemen is, by far, my favorite college memory.

So, you better believe I’ll be glued to the Television set tomorrow at 2:10 p.m. when the Ramblers take on the Miami Hurricanes. Go maroon and gold!

7 thoughts on “Quick Hits – March 14, 2018

  1. Jeff
    As I was one of the ones that voted for Bruce I was sure hoping for better results of course they never happened.

    I’ve met Ives and was NOT impressed with her. ALSO, I thought her television ads were over the line. (I hate negative adds even thiugh everybody seems to do it now everybody seems to do it now) My wife who tends to vote Democratic cannot stand her and she has an good intuition about women.

    Republican township chair Doug Scheflow is heavily supporting Ives. I’m not happy about the fact it is a township chair he is throwing his support to one candidate over another.

    I just don’t feel I can vote for JB. I do feel I could vote for Kennedy. Hard for me to go in and pull a democratic ballot after being a former elected Republican.

    Mostly want to do so however just to vote against Nolan.

    I think it would be better if we had a female judge as we are certainly under the percentage of female judges we need considering our population. I feel both female candidates would be qualified as we know one is already an associate judge.

    I like seeing what you say.

    Off the record -By the way, I spoke to an Elgin PD officer and he said that the administration reviewed the body cam footage and believes the officer was justified in his actions by their protocol.

    Yes Illinois state police do not act quickly. That only seems to make the in the story turn out worse to family members.

    Personally have a high regard for the Elgin Police department and for their protocol and training. I sure feel safe in Elgin with them on the streets.

    Regards, Pat

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