Quick Hits – Disco Demolition was what?

Quick Hits – Disco Demolition was what?

What I really want to do right now is launch into the kind of four-letter word tirade that would completely curl your toenails, but the fine folks at the What’s Happening In [City Name] Facebook pages kindly asked me to keep my language to an acceptable PG level.

With that eminently reasonable request in mind, please let me clearly state that liberals suck. And the vapid Generation X and Millennial varieties exponentially suck.

Before you start with the commentary counterattacks, please remember that, I too, am a liberal, though I’m gonna start wearing a paper bag in public out of sheer embarrassment for my wildly errant ilk.

You see, the newest insipid progressive attempt to re-write history starts with the Chicago White Sox finally embracing Disco Demolition Night, by passing out 40th anniversary t-shirts commemorating the event. They even had former WLUP DJ Steve Dahl throw out the first pitch at last Thursday’s game.

Disco Demolition

For the uninitiated, “Disco Demolition” was the brainchild of Dahl and then sidekick Garry Meier. Fans who brought a disco record to the old Comiskey Park would get into the twi-night doubleheader for just 98 cents (WLUP’s call numbers), and the plan was to “blow up” a crate of those records on the field between games.

The problem was, Dahl and the White Sox expected no more than 20,000 fans, about 5,000 more than typically attended a home game, but when 50,000 people showed up, all hell broke loose.

Basically, the rabid anti-disco throng stormed the field after the stunt, damaging it to the point where the Sox had to forfeit the second game to the Detroit Tigers. To this day, it remains the most infamous promotion in Major League Baseball history.

Of course, White Sox management, including then owner Bill Veeck, tried to put it all on Dahl, but the truth is, nobody could’ve predicted that massive turnout. The event did send Dahl’s radio career straight into the stratosphere.

So, it was kinda cool to see the Sox finally embrace it, but never ones to let an opportunity to prove how politically pure they are pass them by, progressive nitwits Tweeted asinine stupidity like this:

  • Disco Demolition was the original Straight Pride Parade.
  • Disco Demolition was crazy and countercultural — I totally understand why it’s stuck around as rock history. But it was punched down on another counterculture, and gave cover to bigotry. @whitesox shouldn’t be celebrating it.
  • In the middle of this year’s #Pride the Chicago @WhiteSox will celebrate #Disco Demotion Night. Come for the memories of homophobia and racism, and get a free t-shirt?
  • During Pride Month and in the year 2019, the team would be better suited celebrating its diverse fanbase rather than commemorating angry white teens tearing something down that paved the way for hip-hop, house music, and so many other important movements

Oh my bleepin’ lord! Really? Aren’t we white folks allowed to have any fun? And what really frosts my flakes is virtually none of these purported liberal pundits and music writers were actually alive in 1979. As Dahl himself said in response to the beyond bizarre criticism:

We blew up disco records, made fun of the Bee Gees and ‘Saturday Night Fever.’ It goes no deeper than that. Perception is not always reality. Especially when that perception uses the prism of today to look at events 40 years ago. Sometimes a stupid radio promotion is just a stupid radio promotion.


Disco Demolition wasn’t an attack on anything or anyone, it was nothing more than a publicity stunt of epic proportion. And unlike all these pointless progressives, I was quite alive at the time and I listened to Steve and Garry every single day, so, I feel particularly qualified to set the record straight.

Then a mere 24 years of age, Dahl was the master of self-promotion. He’d regularly take on Chicago media giants like WGN Radio’s Wally Phillips and Sun-Times columnist Irv Kupcinet fully understanding the media would pick up on the supposed “feud” and send his stock skyrocketing.

If one of his regular Park West shows failed to sell out, he would go on the air and “pathetically” beg people to show up. It was a hilarious “self-deprecating” bit that worked every time. I was at that packed venue more than once.

As far as Dahl’s “anti-disco movement” goes, the genre had peaked immediately after 1977’s Saturday Night Fever, and the backlash against the ubiquitous Bee Gees and the excesses that straight white disco devotees embraced was already well underway. Musical genres have a limited lifespan and Disco was already on the way out.

To wit, try finding a new rock ‘n roll song on Chicago radio these days. WXRT is the only station that plays ‘em and, even then, they’re few and far between.

Listen to Dahl’s ‘Do Ya Think I’m Disco’ parody, set to Rod Stewart’s ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy.’ He was clearly making fun of straight white males, not gay’s, Hispanics, or blacks as our holier-than-thou Tweeters would have you to believe.

Dahl didn’t even create the “disco sucks” crusade, but he certainly knew how to take advantage of an opportunity to raise his radio profile when it came along. And it was a lot of fun to be counted among his “Insane Coho Lips,” who didn’t beat gays, never burned a disco, and utterly failed to focus their fake fury on minorities.

And for these Millennials and Gen-Xers to try to turn Disco Demolition into what essentially amounts to a Klan rally is far worse than anything Donald Trump could possibly concoct. Let’s not forget these are the same young bleeps who gave us our current President because they petulantly refused to vote for anyone but Bernie Sanders.

Thankfully, the White Sox refused to be intimidated by this BS and the anniversary celebration went forward. As Dahl, a long-time season ticket holder said, “I was just looking forward to having a fun night at the park with my family, my grandkids and my friends and fans. What happened?”

Liberals got ahold of it Steve, and given the opportunity, my clueless and sanctimonious compatriots will ruin just about anything.



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  1. My mantra lately has indeed been to quit using today’s prism to look at the past, especially in the realm of pop culture. The inability to do so amounts to a loss of legitimate critical thought and figurative book burning. This mindset could eventually set humanity up to repeat the same mistakes it has always repeated – again.

  2. Pull down the statue of Dhal at Sox park. Pull down Sox park the Old Roman (Comiskey) was a racist.
    Also to show idiocy goes beyond Kane County see they want to stop Civil War Days in lake County? Appears seeing a Confederate flag causes people anxiety and feelings of racism.

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