Quick Hits Supplemental – The KCSAO silence is deafening

As most of you already know, the Attorney General’s Office upheld my FOIA (Freedom of Information request) appeal ordering the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office to turn over 255 pages of sexual harassment complaints against a former prosecutor.

At least four separate female prosecutors quit because Joe McMahon, Jody Gleason, Joe Lulves and Joe Cullen did nothing material to stop the abuse from that prosecutor and others. The women in that office referred to that male group as “The Welcoming Committee.”


With the AG’s ruling coming down on Friday (June 14), early Monday morning I submitted an email to State’s Attorney Joe McMahon, Civil Division chief Joe Lulves, and a few others politely requesting the documents by close of business Friday (June 21).

And the silence has been deafening. There has been no acknowledgement of the ruling, and no response to my emails.

I’ve been pointing out this vast irony for years – the very people sworn to uphold Illinois law fervently believe they’re above it. The folks who would prosecute you in a heartbeat have convinced themselves they don’t need to listen to or respond to the State’s top prosecutor.

No! They’d rather protect a serial sexual harasser and their own hides than do the right thing. Either Joe McMahon or one his top lieutenants will be up for election in 2020. Let’s plan on sending them a message!




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