Quick Hits Supplemental – I won!

Quick Hits Supplemental – I won!

For those of you following my eight-month battle with the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office in an effort to get them to turn over 255 pages of sexual harassment complaints against a former prosecutor, I have good news!

I won!

The Attorney General’s Office upheld my appeal of the FOIA (Freedom of Information) request denial and ordered the KCSAO to turn over all of the documents. As you can see by their eight-page ruling

FOIA Appeal 

they agreed with me every step of the way. And let me tell you, the fact that I beat Civil Division head and former Prosecutor of the Year, Joe Lulves, in a straight up legal argument is the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in quite some time.

For those of you who are interested in my original argument, here you go:

FOIA Appeal PAC 55350 b

Please also note that, in their ruling, the Attorney General’s office cites “salacious content” more than once. That’s exactly why they don’t want those harassment complaints to see the light of day.

But while that battle is won, the war is not nearly over. Lulves made it clear in his response to my appeal that, “absent a court order,” he won’t turn over the documents. So, it’s very likely attorney Jeff Meyer, who provided me with the precedent cited in the appeal, and I will be headed to a civil courtroom.

We’ll win that lawsuit, and the KCSAO will appeal, and we’ll win that one too. Then we’ll all see the rampant sexual harassment State’s Attorney Joe McMahon has been trying to hide for years. And you count on me keeping you apprised every step of the way.

The bottom line is, journalism still matters and sometimes the good guys win!

FOIA victory


4 thoughts on “Quick Hits Supplemental – I won!

  1. Congratulations. A victory on Flag day sorta appropriate
    Noticed no ARDC complaint against attorney you think that might have been sort of required when one is let go for sexual harassment

    1. Jim,

      Thank you! But the ARDC was not required here because the prosecutor was fired by his employer for violating their sexual harassment policy.

      Of course, that never would’ve happened had Joe McMahon not feared that the text – the last straw – would end up in my hands.

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