Quick Hits – April 9, 2018

Quick Hits – April 9, 2018

Hanging separately

Oh my! When someone posted a Facebook comment complimentary of Deerfield, Illinois’ recent assault gun ban, by the conservative responses you’d a thunk he:

  • Had children with three different women
  • Bragged about cheating on three wives
  • Paid for sex with a porn star
  • Declared bankruptcy four times
  • Colluded with Russia to rig an election
  • Married an illegal immigrant
  • Bragged about groping women
  • Dodged the draft
  • Sent the national debt skyrocketing

wait a minute…

Yep! These great Christians – and we know they’re great Christians because they say they are – hurled epithets like “libtard,” “snowflake, and “traitor” in an effort to prove they truly did manage to graduate from the third grade.

Gun Control

Some of the less acerbic gun nuts defiantly dismissed the new assault gun statute claiming an NRA backed lawsuit would overturn it forthwith. But it won’t, because when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Washington D.C.’s 2008 blanket gun ban unconstitutional, they also made it clear that the Second Amendment is far from absolute.

Not only that, but a federal judge just ruled that assault weapons and large capacity magazines fall outside of the Second Amendment while upholding Massachusetts ban on both. So, Deerfield will prevail.

Another commentor threatened to unseat that scurrilous Deerfield city council, but all I can say to that thought possibility, “Give it your best shot!” Politicians everywhere are taking note of a rapidly shifting electorate, and as soon as it’s no long expedient to kowtow to the NRA, they won’t!

Those rapidly shifting political sands mean that now is the time for reasonable gun owners everywhere to come forward and help craft the kind of reasonable legislation that benefits everyone. Because, if they and the NRA don’t reasonably compromise, unreasonable compromise will be thrust upon them.

I can’t tell you how much I love watching conservatives hang themselves. I’m still waiting for Barack Obama to take my Glock!


Associate judges part III

Sorry for the delay on this final installment, but when we last left off, we were talking about a pool of 40 attorneys, prosecutors and perhaps public defenders who’ve applied for a soon-to-be vacant associate judge position.

Since the odds of eight of the 14 Kane County circuit judges agreeing on a selection right off the bat are slim to none, that group will start winnowing the field. And as we’ve already discussed, the most talented candidates tend to carry the most baggage, so they’re almost always eliminated in the first round.

It doesn’t help matters that, while each circuit judge has a favorite choice, those often-arrogant folks don’t play well enough with each other to strike the kind of deal that would get one of the better candidates appointed.

By the time that gaggle gets cut in half, the circuit judges start discussing concerns like:

  • We need another woman on the bench
  • It’s time to appoint an Hispanic judge, or
  • The northwestern part of the county isn’t well represented

That’s when the race to the bottom really starts to gain momentum. It’s not that those aren’t worthwhile considerations, but more often than not, the continued application of this least objectionable candidate dynamic eliminates the above average attorneys, too.

So, now we’re left mediocre choices at best, and if a poor candidate happens to have enough connections, they might just slide through. That’s how we ended up with associate judges like:

  • David Kliment
  • Divya Sarang
  • Kathy Karyannas
  • Keith Johnson
  • Katherine Moran
  • Alice Tracy
  • Christine Downs, and
  • Sandra Parga

none of whom were good attorneys and they shouldn’t be wearing the black dress on their best day.

So, now that you know how the process works, I’m not sure what the answer to getting better associate judges is. Let me think about it for a while and talk to some folks and I’ll get back to you!


The Blackhawks owe us nothing!

I’ve gotta get that regular sports podcast with KC Auditor Terry Hunt going, but until that time, I’ll occasionally convey my local sports scene thoughts right here. Lucky you!

And my latest consideration is that all these chickens with their heads cut off concerns about the Blackhawks missing the playoff for the first time in a decade are absurd! Why, the Chicago Tribune went as far as wasting a ton of newsprint on various “experts” weighing in with all sorts of quick fix possibilities.

C’mon people! The Hawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010, 2013 and 2015, a feat not many NHL teams have managed to accomplish. What that means is the men in black and red don’t owe us a damn thing!


The only thing you can be assured of in professional sports is an organization on top of the world today will see fans with paper bags over their heads, sooner rather than later and vice versa. Even the Cubs couldn’t keep on losing forever!

Your team ages, the other teams get better, and everyone gun for the top dog. Why do I suddenly feel like breaking into “Circle of Life?”

So, let’s all take a collection deep breath and let GM Stan Bowman and Coach Joel Quenneville – both proven commodities – do their rebuilding thing and the Blackhawks will be back on top before you can say “Tony Esposito.”

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