Quick Hits – April 11, 2018

Quick Hits – April 11, 2018

Beyond the pale!

Silly me! When the Tribune-owned Courier-News “reported” on the mere six citizen complaints Elgin officer Chris Jensen accrued over a long 20 years on the force, I thought that was as low as that newspaper and that “reporter” could possibly go. I truly didn’t think local journalism could sink any further into the abyss.

But I was wrong!

Because today, the Courier ran a “story” covering the knife wielding attacker involved Elgin police shootings – all flippin’ four of them – since 1969. Yes! You read that correctly – they went back 50 years to find cases somewhat similar to the events that led up to the recent DeCythinia Clements shooting.

Of course, that newspaper and the Tribune are ignoring stories like:

  • The rampant sexual harassment and subsequent retaliation at the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office
  • The inmates are running the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles
  • Chief Judge Susan Clancy-Boles’ attempted coverup of her brother’s involvement with Anjum Coffland
  • Judge John Dalton’s consistent bullying of female and minority plaintiffs/defendants

Nope! This “reporter” settled on a 1969 EPD shooting in which a 16 year-old wife was threatened by her 19 year-old AWOL husband who’d already stabbed her in the leg the previous day. When he went after her again in her grandmother’s mobile home, the EPD correctly shot and killed him.


But wait! There’s more!

This “reporter” tracked that woman down to O’Fallon, Missouri, only to con her into asking the 50 year-old question, “Why did they have to shoot?” (That’s the Courier-News headline today, by the way.) Oh! I don’t know! This is just a wild guess, but perhaps the fact that he’d already stabbed you and came at you with a knife a second time might have had something to do with it!

They didn’t have all the non-lethal options back in 1969, either.

This isn’t a case of going after the low-hanging fruit, it’s a case picking the rotting fruit up off the ground. Please tell me how this piece of bleep attempt at journalism adds to, or advances the Clements story in any way shape or form?

Is the Tribune actually trying to inflame Elgin tensions just so they have more to write about?

So, now the newspapers, reporters and editors are officially worse than the people they cover. I wonder what it’s like to have absolutely no shame and to be utterly incapable of embarrassment?

I’d ask you to cancel your Courier-News subscription but y’all already have!


Like a bad Bond villain…

… the Fox River and Countryside Fire Protection District keeps coming back to take one more swipe at us. Despite losing yet another tax increase referendum, FRCFPD architect and attorney Ken Shepro is claiming a truncated ballot question led to the most recent 32 vote defeat and he’s gonna fight “the man” to overturn those scurrilous results and put the question right back on the November ballot.

Where it will lose for a fourth time.


If Shepro and those FRCFPD trustees spent nearly as much time running the district as they have asking the voters for more money and making excuses for failed policy and referenda, they’d have a budget surplus.

Don’cha just gotta love those tax and spend Republicans? Shepro and from District President Jim Gaffney said they could do it cheaper and faster, but they clearly can’t!

Word on the street is the Illinois Fire Marshall is already working on dismantling the paramedic portion of the FRCFPD, and their fire suppression services will be next. Finally!


And speaking of being unable to accept a verdict…

Down by 44 votes in her race for a full circuit judicial seat, Kane County Associate Judge Elizabeth Flood continues to refuse to concede to Circuit Clerk Tom Hartwell THREE WEEKS after the election claiming, “I owe it to my campaign to see the certified numbers before making any final decision to concede or request a discovery recount.”

No, your honor! You owe it to the people you serve, the black robe, and the electoral process to do the right thing, pull on your big girl panties, act like an adult and concede. Even lowly water reclamation district candidates understand this dynamic.

What’s she waiting for? All of the absentee ballots have been counted and a discovery recount won’t change a damn thing.


Considering Flood lost, in great part, because she utterly ignored Aurora, any error in that jurisdiction will likely go against her. Not only that, but the State ran an audit of those 2018 Aurora Election Commission vote totals ON ELECTION NIGHT with plenty of interested poll watchers keenly observing the process. That means those votes have already been counted twice!

As far as the rest of the County goes, I’ve said it before! Having worked for the Kane County Clerk, I can attest that their E-slate voting machines either work or they don’t work – there’s no gray error area possible.

The best evidence of all this is, despite all sorts of legal machinations by losing 2014 judicial candidate Marmarie Kostelny, D. J. Tegeler’s seven-vote margin of victory never changed!

This is yet another case of a standard bearing public official, upon whom it’s incumbent to set the example, doing exactly the opposite. Voters will forgive (too) many things but being a sore loser isn’t one of them. And I’ll be there to remind you of this unjudicial conduct when Flood inevitably decides to run again in 2020.

The arrogance of some judges is beyond even the Courier-News kind of pale!

So, here’s my plan! The next time I’m in front a judge – an always likely prospect – if I don’t like the verdict, I’m simply going to declare that I owe it to myself to ignore it until I’m convinced his or her honor got it right!

I’m sure the judge will have no problem with that.


Child sex abuse is on the rise in Kane County

State’s Attorney Joe McMahon recently noted an “alarming” increase in sex abuse crimes against children under 6 years-old. Kane County saw 111 cases in 2015, 125 in 2016 and a whopping 185 in 2017.


While the State’s Attorney is correct in saying that parents, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies must be more aware of the signs of sexual abuse, what I want to know is, how will McMahon even begin to solve this problem when he can’t handle a massive sexual harassment scandal in his own office?

I think I already know the answer.

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – April 11, 2018

  1. With crimes like sexual abuse/assault, I wonder, is the act more common or the crime coming to light more often. I don’t imagine people in this specific county have gotten more rapey, just that they’re getting told on more now.

  2. Would you like more info about IYC St. Charles? There is a treasure trove of issues going on there that officials have let happen and lapse. Even have documents from officials..

  3. Beyond the Pale…..They did that because of the ongoing issue of the guy and the lady who was shot and killed in Chicago for wielding a baseball bat. The Tribune will do anything to show disregard for the police, why? It’s a great financial gain, not to mention shares and likes

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