Quick Hits – April 6, 2018

On the border

We typically don’t cover Donald Trump here because his variety of vast stupidity doesn’t require the kind of subtle analysis we tend to specialize in at The First Ward. But I can’t pass up his latest move to rally his rabid base by sending troops to the Mexican border to stop an immigrant invasion that ain’t.

Much like Argentina invading the Falklands, this is nothing more than a misdirection strategy aimed at distracting us from a completely failed administration. And only despots, tyrants and dictators are stupid enough to give that kind of hollow effort a shot.

Just two more years folks!


It’s called climate change for a reason!

If, in reference to our abjectly cool spring, I hear one more conservative loon say, “So much for global warming,” I promise I’m gonna get kinda violent. Though the general trend is, indeed, global warming, the short-term symptoms are meteorological extremes.

To wit, while we’re facing the kind of spring the Chicago area can be famous for, our friends over in Asia are dealing with record breaking heat. Furthermore, in January, we tied one record with 12 straight days of sub 20-degree highs and another with nine straight days of measurable snow.

The fact that it’s cold for a day – or even a week – proves nothing other than conservatives generally aren’t very smart.


Congratulations to Elgin Police Chief Jeff Swoboda

For being named Fort Collins Colorado newest police chief! After 26 years of rising though the EPD ranks, the Chief is ready for a new challenge and Fort Collins’ gain is certainly going to be our loss. He starts the new gig June 4.

Swoboda 2

It’s hard to believe there was a time when Jeff wasn’t the Elgin chief and it’s even harder to believe there was a pre-2010 time when the EPD was not that well-regarded. He deserves a lot of credit for that turnaround and implementing the kind of transparency that’s become legendary.

As for this journalist, not only am I losing a friend to the vagaries of distance, but I could not have asked for a better relationship than what I’ve had with Jeff and Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman. That’s exactly the way it should be, but rarely is.

Before he goes west, I’ll endeavor to sit down with Jeff and perhaps do a lengthy podcast on 26 years of his law enforcement thoughts. Like I like to say, I’ll keep you posted!


Associate judges part III

Due to a meeting with the Hain for Kane Sheriff campaign brain trust, part three of our series on selecting associate judges will have to be postponed until Monday!

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – April 6, 2018

    1. Yes he did but not how everyone thinks. Before President Obama the INS then Customs and Border Patrol would catch and release illegal crossers or offer voluntary departure.
      President Obama ordered the CBP to Expdited Departure people caught (official removal) and then release them back to Mexico. In reality President Obama’s removals were just inflated by a change in paperwork reporting illegal border crossings.

    2. Your are correct John but for the wrong reason. Obama no longer allowed “catch & release” at the border and unlike the current president he went after the BAD DUDES, not the low hanging fruit like the working stiff dropping his kid off at school, the guy coming out from traffic court or the 30+ year doctor who had absolutely no record.

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