Now it's skydiving cats causing conniptions?

Oh lord! In the realm of far too many folks having far too much time on their hands, pet owners around the world are apparently up in arms over a Swedish insurance company commercial depicting a cadre of skydiving cats.
Not only are the daredevil felines falling in a formation that spells out a customer’s name (Eve – it was her idea), but they’re delightfully descending to R. Kelley’s “I Believe I Can Fly.” Hey! It could be worse! The company could’ve used that insipid and endless “Trapped in a Closet” tripe.

The reality which seems to have eluded so many spastic companion humans is, of the five cats used in the ad, none of them left the studio. Employing that amazing that green screen technology, they digitally replaced human skydivers with the kitty cats.
The worst our feline actors had to endure were the fans used to simulate windblown fur. Please tell me we have far greater things to worry about.
Remember the classic WKRP episode where, in regards to dropping live turkeys from a plane, Mr.  Carlson remarked, “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly?” Along those same lines, and given my feelings for cats – especially the ones that come after my bird feeder – that commercial would’ve been far more fascinating if they really did jump from a plane and their chutes fai…
On second thought, I wouldn’t want cause all those PETA folks’ heads to explode right before Thanksgiving. They’re too busy trying to save the turkeys.

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