It's official! Men are smarter than women!

It's official! Men are smarter than women!

So how do U.S. women’s soccer team star goalkeeper Hope Solo and her former Seattle Seahawks tight end boyfriend Jerramy Stevens celebrate after spending a day at the Kirkland Municipal Courthouse due to his domestic violence arrest? They get married, of course! 
According to the police report, Stevens and Solo had been arguing about whether they’d live in Washington or Florida after their impending wedding. The police also noted that Solo was cut and bloodied and they just happened to find Stevens hiding under a bed. Though he claimed he been “sleeping” throughout the whole thing, he too was bruised and bloodied.
Stevens, a first round draft pick bust, has previously been accused of rape, charged with reckless driving for crashing his car into a nursing home, and managed to earned a DUI. The Seahawks let him go in 2010 when he was arrested for Marijuana possession the night before a game. In other words, he’s a real fricken’ winner.
Sadly, the domestic violence charges were dismissed when no one at the pre-nuptial shindig would testify. Also according to the officers, Solo told her brother, who’d obviously intervened in the melee, to shutup and then proceeded to concoct a story about phantom “party crashers” wreaking all the havoc.
Solo left court without saying anything and the couple got married the next day.
Backup goalkeeper Jillian Loyden tweeted she was “happy to witness such an amazing celebration of real love.” I don’t know about you, but my definition of “real love” doesn’t include beating the shit out of each the day before your wedding.
And remember, this is a 31 year-old woman who could have any guy on the planet, but she picks an abuser instead.
So that’s it! I don’t want to see another TV commercial where the husband comes off as some sort of dolt. I don’t want to have to endure another sitcom episode where, were it nor for the good graces of  his sainted and sage wife, the blithering idiot of a father would die from failing to regularly eat.  And there will no more stupid books about what kind of impetuous cads we are.
Because between Tiger Woods’ wife and Hope Solo, women are the clear frontrunners in the What the Bleep Were You Thinking sweepstakes.

3 thoughts on “It's official! Men are smarter than women!

  1. WOW . . . . You are going to be sooooooo sorry you posted this one . . . . . It’s funny . . BUT . . . People should probably NOT walk around with a leaky can of gas while smoking . . . . . .

    1. Koko,
      Trust me, I’ve written worse. Just wait till you see next Sunday’s (not tomorrow) column on the whole Petraeus thing! I will once again employ the Ward-Kelley postulate which stipulates that one woman in our lives is misery enough and we wouldn’t want to compound it by cheating.
      And this one hasn’t even caused a stir. My column on Geneva High School banning purses had some women wondering who would possibly want to marry me.
      Of course, I’ve asked that question myself.

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