Consolidated primary election recap!

Consolidated primary election recap!

Did anybody pay attention to what Elgin City Council two-year candidate Toby Shaw pulled off on Tuesday? If you’re thinking about running for local office, you might want to talk to him first.

Toby Shaw
Toby Shaw

In the middle of the worst snow storm of the winter, while fighting off 8 separate opponents, in the face of a 3 percent turnout, Shaw managed to get 614 or 35.7 percent of the vote! He came damn close to getting more votes than all the other challengers combined!
Of course, I’d like to say it was the bump from his appearance on Left, Right and You, but we’ll have to have Shaw on the show to talk about his methodology.
While were at it, a hearty congratulations to Craig Dresang who claimed the second spot, but when you consider his admirable 224 vote count, it doesn’t bode well for the impending runoff.
The other big Elgin surprise was Larry Wegman coming in a distant 6th with only 112 votes. His wife Sandy will have the County Recorder’s job as long as she wants it, but I don’t think another Wegman will ever be elected in Elgin.
On to Aurora where the turnout was even more sparse – about two percent!
Though they both had some serious baggage, it looks like Bill Catching will prevail over Aurora Township Supervisor incumbent Christina Campos by about 100 votes.
But here’s the thing Bill! You might want to consider being a little more gracious in victory because your former opponent can make the transition very difficult and make your life even more miserable with recounts.
Once you’ve won a race, it’s over. What’s the point of piling on?
But the best news is former McConnaughay lackey Paul Greviskes came in a distant third to Catching and Campos. Since he and he wife have now lost consecutive elections, perhaps they’ll do us all a favor and stop running.
And speaking of recounts, it looks like it’s inevitable in the 4th Ward aldermanic contest. Bill Donnell is safe with 247 votes, but perennial candidate Mavis Bates is ahead of Jay Leonardi by a mere 8 tallies.
With some absentee ballots potentially still out there (you have to wait two weeks to certify an election to be reasonably sure they’re all accounted for) this one could change before either one of ’em finally calls for a discovery recount.
Though he did it by the seat of his pants, it was good to see Juan Reyna grab that last Aurora Township Trustee seat. Juan is a good guy who quietly governs in the midst of our too-frequent political chaos.
Right now, it looks like Matt Harrington’s 67 votes failed to come within the required 95 percent of Marge Linnane’s 9th Ward total to call for a recount. This means Ed Bugg and Linnane will square off in April.
The 67 vote count has to be somewhat embarrassing for Harrington who gets paid to manage other folk’s campaigns.
That’s it for now. We’ll talk again in early April!

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  1. Catching and Greviskes cut a deal to back the other and jointly beat up Campos. Greviskes wil be the next Township attorney, and Peggy Hicks (daughter of the trustee) has been promised Director of the Youth Center if she can deliver the African American vote.

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