Since you're snowbound anyway

Since you're snowbound anyway

You may as well listen to today’s Left, Right and You Left, Right and You 2-26-13.

Rich Dunne
Rich Dunne

Thanks to Elgin City Councilman Rich Dunne for surmounting various weather-borne obstacles to call into the show today.
Another big thanks to Elgin Octave activist Julie Schmidt for joining the show and giving us the conservative woman’s perspective. We may not agree on everything, but we do agree on the fact that Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady should go.
Anyway, enjoy the show!

2 thoughts on “Since you're snowbound anyway

  1. The primary is over, and Elgin City Council 2-year seat has its nominees for the April 9th election.
    Additionally, the township nominations for Aurora Township Democrats and south eastern McHenry County Republicans are decided. An interesting Kane County connection will be on the ballot for Grafton Township (McHenry County side of Huntley) Assessor on April 9th, as Elgin Township Deputy Assessor Terra Jensen is on the ballot against Republican primary victor Al Zielinski, who just unseated the 6-term incumbent assessor yesterday. Jensen, who grew up in Carpentersville, is a niece (by marriage) to Elgin Township Assessor Steve Surnicki and was very impressive at the only candidates forum to date in late January.
    And throw in the contested assessor election in Dundee Township and all of the contested city council and school board races, and we hope voters will turnout on April 9th. One thing is certain, not likely voters will have to battle a snow storm to get to the polls.

  2. It is true Elgin had a 4.3% voter turn out? Shame on both the GOP and Dems……the excuse of snow. How about Iraq with the threat of death having over a 80% voter turn out. America has got to get off it’s ass, go to the polls if change is ever going to happen.

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