After all, we are our brother's keeper!

With the Bears sucking the big one – I’m done watching them this year – I accompanied my long suffering wife to Trader Joe’s to make short work of the weekly shopping. I do love that store.
As I was searching for small red potatoes to make dum aloo, a three year-old girl walked up to me and just stood there. Kind of strange I thought. Of course, one automatically wants to assume the parent is nearby, but after it became clear she had eluded her guardian, I got down on a knee to appear less threatening and tried to communicate with her.
But while she didn’t seem to be the least bit concerned, even after enlisting two TJ staffers, she wasn’t about to talk to us.
So the three of us surrounded her and pretty much kept her safe in the hope that a parent would soon appear. And sure enough, about three minutes later a terrified father showed up, grabbed his daughter and gave her the kind of hug that made it clear he’d already considered the worst.
My point isn’t to take the errant parent to task here – anyone who’s had children has lived through a similar experience – it’s to remind all of us all that, during this frantic holiday season, to remember that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper.
I was kind of stunned at just how many folks walked right by this little girl without a second thought.

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