If I coulda been an Elgin Township fly on the wall…

If I coulda been an Elgin Township fly on the wall…

You’d a thunk after county chair contender Kevin Burns’ campaign pre-announced a not forthcoming Randy Hultgren endorsement, Kane County politicians would be a lot more circumspect about falling prey to this kind of impatience. Apparently not.  wallet
Having moved up to the county board, which really is a full-time gig, Kurt Kojzarek did the right thing by resigning his position as Elgin Township Clerk. This put the responsibility for naming a replacement squarely on the shoulders of the four township trustees.
As is often the case with this kind of thing, the gears of government ground away and the consensus pick for the soon-to-be vacant position was former KC auditor candidate Laura Wallet. But Ms. Wallet, or someone close to her, jumped the gun and sent a press release to the Courier-News before the appointment was a done deed.
So picture this. Right in the middle of tonight’s Elgin Township meeting, Kojzarek’s phone gives off a Google alert sending him to the CN article mentioning his name. When he shows it to the trustees, who were understandably miffed, they go into executive session and decide they really don’t need to appoint a new township clerk tonight after all.
And Ms. Wallet, and all her family and friends, immediately storm out of the gathering.
Why is it so hard to understand that preempting your fellow politicians never ends well. All Wallet had to do was wait until tomorrow morning and she’d be the new township clerk. Instead, her political career is virtually over.
Live and learn!

9 thoughts on “If I coulda been an Elgin Township fly on the wall…

  1. Did anyone else notice that Mrs. Ellen Nottke from Batavia is a paid consultant for Ms. Wallet. Board of Election
    website shows her as a paid consultant in 2012? April 2012.
    She also was involved in an email scandal for a failed county board chairman candidate.
    With these losses coincidences like this are hard to ignore.

    1. Spreading more lies Jimmy? How is your team of two from South Elgin comming along? Will you be sucessful in knocking out Vickie Pelock and Pat Hudgins? “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son” Dean Wormer

      1. ?????do you still believe in the toooth fairy? Wake up. The county board has changed over after much hard work by many and the the folks that ripped the Kane GOP apart are out. Life is good you should stay in the 70’s. And pull up your spandext pants.

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