We are not all created equal

We are not all created equal

Because if we were, I’d be playing center for the Chicago Bulls. And since I’m nothing if not the perfect example of the perpetually perturbed red-blooded American, I’m seriously considering filing an age discrimination lawsuit just to get a tryout.

Of course, I kid, but it’s this patently bullshit progressive notion that anyone can do anything that’s really getting on my last good nerve. I still vividly recall watching Gloria Steinem stare directly into the camera and tell us that fathers were every bit the nurturers that mothers are. Perhaps she could explain why 97 percent of domestic abusers are male and 72 percent of teachers are female.

We’re not all created equal and that politically correct fairy tale has already had some serious side effects.

To further pursue Tuesday’s discussion, yet another reason police officers are resorting to the taser and lethal force more frequently than in the past is, with rare exception, policewomen can’t measure up to the physicality of their male counterparts. And that quickly becomes a problem when a male resists arrest.

But despite this blisteringly obvious reality, the courts are forcing our police and fire departments to relax their physical standards so women can make the cut. And that makes it the worst kind of reverse discrimination because it may well cost them their lives and perhaps ours, too.

To wit, the Pennsylvania State Police just settled a sex discrimination lawsuit because virtually every male passed the physical test, but only 70 percent of females could handle it. And the PA test ain’t exactly the stuff of Herculean Task legend. All you have to do is:

  • Vertically jump 14-inches in three tries
  • Complete a 30-foot (not yard) agility course in 22 seconds
  • Run 300 meters (.18 miles) in 77 seconds (I can do it in 33 seconds at age 62)
  • Do 13 pushups
  • Run 1.5 miles in 17 minutes, 48 seconds (I can do it in 10.5 minutes at age 62)

The plaintiffs’ argument was those “feats” weren’t required to do the job! What??!! I guess JFK was out of his mind when he thought that every American should be able to meet those absurdly low physical baselines.

1.5 miles in 18 minutes? That’s a beyond slow 12-minute mile pace. I’ve seen the old ladies at the Geneva Crossings walk around the Commons at nearly that speed. Even the PA newspapers thought this absurd standard easing was a bad idea.

But if you think that’s bad, wait’ll you hear what New York did to firefighter standards. After a female cadet failed the physical test SIX times, NY City Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, desperate to bring “gender equality” to the department, gave her a free pass.

The NYC standard may be a tougher one, but that’s because the buildings are taller

Trainees must climb six stories, raise ladders, break down doors, and drag a dummy through a dark tunnel in 17 minutes while wearing 50 pounds of gear and breathing through an air tank. The best our female cadet could do is 22 minutes, which doesn’t exactly breed much confidence in that department’s direction.

So, now she’s more likely to die in a fire while taking an unconscious citizen and the male firefighter attempting to rescue both of them with her.

In another case of blitheringly bad judgment, the courts are forcing the Chicago Fire Department to relax their standards, as well. Two women who repeatedly flunked the physical test filed federal class-action lawsuits claiming the exam required more than what’s needed to be an effective firefighter.

So, now the cadets are determining what the basic physical requirements should be? What could possibly go wrong with that?

And women in combat? Don’t even get me started on that bullshit proposition. Though every commanders implicitly understands that a military unit is only as strong as its weakest link it certainly hasn’t stopped women’s groups from going after those scurrilous Marines.

A fascinating irony here is, though the phenomenon is not nearly as widespread as conservatives would have you believe, female athletes are fighting back against transgendered women competing in high school and college sports. And they’re dead on, too. Someone who’s born male has an impossible advantage over their opponents, but that hasn’t stopped some states from forcing school districts to allow transgendered athletes to compete.

So much for Title IX, right?

I’m not sure how he’s managed to escape the Cancel Culture, but the brilliant Dave Chappelle joked that, if LeBron James decided to “change genders” “she’d” be forced to move to the WNBA “where he will score 840 points a game!”

Among the other reasons we previously discussed, Daunte Wright is dead, in great part because  a female police officer being forced to draw what she thought was a taser because she couldn’t compete in a physical confrontation with a male.

It’s bleepin’ pure fantasy for anyone to think that all jobs are for all people.

Because even if I did get that tryout with the Bulls, the first time I tried to muscle 7-foot tall, 260-pound Nikola Vucevic out of the paint in practice, after he dispensed with me like a 6-foot, 185-pound flea, I’d soon enjoy the unique privilege of six months in traction.

It’s time to get a grip people. We are not all created equal, and I truly hope no one else has to die to prove that point.



I want to thank reader Bryce Staker for aptly pointing out that, since the Marietta, Georgia Police Department started training their officers to use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu they’ve seen a:

  • 23 percent reduction in taster use
  • 49 percent reduction in officer injuries
  • 53 percent reduction in civilian injuries

The key is that, like Aikido and Tai Chi, Jiu-Jitsu uses an opponent’s energy against themselves.


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