The First Ward – Coronavirus Report – April 27, 2021

The First Ward – Coronavirus Report – April 27, 2021

We aren’t gonna bother with the numbers this time because nuthin’s changed. The Illinois prevalence still sits squarely at 1 in 30 and the mortality rate has been at 1.7 percent since last November. As previously stipulated, until and unless something serious happens on the disease or inoculation fronts, nothing will change.

So, let’s move on.

Staying home costs lives

Despite this beyond obvious medical reality, there are still a slew of social media nitwits who insist on spewing the massive moronic fallacy that “staying home saves lives.” But the truth is it’s clearly costing lives!

The longer you put off the only way out of a pandemic – herd immunity – the longer the virus has to undergo mutational drift. While must of the mutations can’t match the parent strain and quickly die off, given enough time, the probability of a more contagious and/or more deadly pathogen supplanting the original dramatically increases.

To wit, the 43-90 percent more contagious and 60 percent more lethal COVID-19 B117 UK variant has become the dominant form of the coronavirus in the U.S., and if it weren’t for a more than reasonable vaccine rollout, our ICU’s would be facing the kind of third wave that would make the previous two look like child’s play.

To make matters much worse, a double variant dubbed B1617 is currently setting all sorts of COVID records in India. Though the theory hasn’t been tested, the truly terrifying reality of this iteration may be capable of “hiding” from a host’s immune system which immediately renders all of the current vaccines obsolete.

And these new and far more troubling mutations are the direct result of those absurd lockdowns which not only fail to offer any tangible benefit, but they prolong the pandemic which is always a far greater risk than letting it take its course.

This is the price we pay for embracing stupidity and clinging to the notion that political platitudes are a suitable substitute for science. And all of the progressives who insisted on ignoring the science and telling us what’s best for us are about to have quite a bit of blood on their hands.

I never thought I’d live in a time where the idiots on both sides had so much power.


They’re starting the nanny-staters out young!

In another clear indication that children should rarely be seen and never be heard, two Geneva High School students recently told the D304 School Board that a host of their hallway compatriots weren’t wearing their masks appropriately and that “Even though the CDC says 3 feet is safe, we shouldn’t go to the bare minimum.”

Oh, my flippin’ lord! Even I can’t manage come up with a four-letter word combination that would do this abject bullshit justice. So, now we’re getting our medical advice from teenage girls? Though, when you consider how miserably they’ve done, I’m not so sure they could do any worse than the “real experts.”

What these students failed to mention is, if they’re really “immensely anxious for my safety and for others” as they claimed, remote learning is available to any student who doesn’t want to take that minimal in-school risk.

Put more simply, no one’s putting a gun to their head and forcing them to go back to the classroom. But as is the case for nanny-staters of any age, they can’t be happy or satisfied until they’ve forced their will upon everyone else.

It’s just the progressive flip side of the same fascist coin.

Though he’s a real piece of work himself, thankfully Superintendent Kent Mutchler dispensed with our two whiners faster than the Academy can honor movies no one gives a shit about. This may well turn out to be the best high school lesson these two girls ever get.


So, now the “experts” are wrong?

This is another COVID irony that kills me!

Despite the insipid Anthony Fauci flipflopping faster than Cardi B can take off her clothes, progressives, teachers unions, and a slew of Democrats just loved his early COVID pronouncements. In fact, they couldn’t get enough of them.

They loved the science when it suited their narrative, but just like our two previous teenagers, now that it doesn’t they think the experts suddenly suck!

Not even a cure for cancer could convince the CPS teachers union that it’s safe to go back to the classroom. “Whaddaya mean you can’t catch it from a surface?” They still believe children die from the disease, Florida beaches were a COVID breeding ground, and the CDC’s three feet ain’t nearly enough.

So much for liberals and science, right? Weren’t they the folks who regularly mocked that infamous Republican misinformation bubble!

To prove my point, those fine folks at Gallup took a poll on partisan COVID beliefs and they came up with some truly terrifying shit! Forty-one percent of Democrats believe that over 50 percent of plague sufferers are hospitalized and another 28 percent put those odds at 20 to 49 percent.

The truth? It’s a scant 1 to 5 percent. And liberals have similarly skewed views of the potential complications and the mortality rate, too. But if you have the temerity to correct or question our progressive brothers and sisters, they’ll turn on you with all the spite of a Trump supporter who still believes the election was stolen.

Groupthink sucks! Or as the English poet Edward Young put it:

Ten thousand fools, knaves, cowards, lump’d together
Become all-wise, all-righteous, and all-mighty

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle

One of the few bright spots in all this bullshit is a majority of regular folks are getting really tired of this persistent government and progressive overreach and that phenomenon is becoming evident in some of the most unlikely places.

When top Oregon health officials threatened to extend the mask and social distancing mandates “indefinitely,” a record 60,000 residents complained to the State Health Department. The irony, of course, is that Portland may well be the most liberal city in the entire universe.

Even Illinois’ Governor Pointless and Chicago’s Mayor Lightweight have made it abundantly clear they won’t go back to the ridiculous mitigations. They know they’ve already lost the consent of the governed and any further shutdowns would court open rebellion.

And if two of the most liberal states in the union can draw the line, perhaps there’s hope!


Put the damn fork down!

I’m gonna keep on saying it! Exactly when will Anthony Fauci, the CDC, or any member of the medical profession finally put their foot down and explain how obesity increases the chance of death by COVID by a whopping 48 percent?

And if you refuse that take the eminently simple steps to reduce that risk, what makes you think I, or anyone else, will?


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