This is why you don't say incredibly stupid things like that

This is why you don't say incredibly stupid things like that

I know I’ve used humor to emphasize the abject stupidity and insensitivity of what Kendall County Coroner Ken Toftoy said to the Ledger-Setinel this week, but there’s a really good reason no responsible coroner should ever let his fricken’ gums flap other than when they absolutely need to.
Before we continue, this is what Toftoy said: 
For less than a buck and a half I come to your house and take care of whatever might have happened – if it’s a natural death or your dad hung himself in the garage.
And that really good reason is, a mere day before that BS was printed, a father and his four year-old son were found dead in their Yorkville garage of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning.You can read crack Beacon-News reporter Matt Hanley’s story here.
Now, I don’t know exactly when the Ledger-Sentinel interview took place, but Hanley quoted Toftoy as saying, “I’ve done this 20 years and I can’t get this out my mind.  Seeing that little guy sitting in the chair in his pajamas. . . . I had tears in my eyes when I was picking him up.”
Yeah! Right!
If that tragedy came after the quote, he’s simply an unlucky and insensitive clod. If he said after the fact, it’s time to vote for his opponent.
On second thought, if he can’t handle something this simple, then perhaps Kenndall County would be much better off with Mike Dabney.

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  1. The comment came before the incident. The comment is a simple calculation based on the population of Kendall County of 117,000 and the budget for the office being $152,000. It was a statement that sounded insensitive but I can tell you, having known Ken Toftoy for over 20 years, he is a man with compassion and empathy. He was very moved by the Yorkville tragedy. I was with him shortly after he handled that death scene. The real story in this race is the abysmal professional and personal record of Mike Dabney. Go to to see him written up for 5 disciplinary actions in 10 months for his work as firefighter/paramedic. Also see at that web site his 2011 home foreclosure despite having a police pension and another full time taxpayer paid job If he can’t make his house payment how in the world can we expect him to manage a government office and budget?

    1. Everybody is a negative campaigner these days. Apparently it’s not enough to espouse your candidate’s accomplishments and record. Now you must eviscerate your opponent with personal attacks.

      1. Kent,
        How on God’s green earth is this a personal attack?
        If I said Ken was overweight, that would be a personal attack. But for a duly elected public official to say what he said is beyond the pale. It’s utterly unconscionable and Mr. Toftoy has lost a lot of elected official support for saying something that stupid
        Ken needs to grow up, stop handing out badges, and fricken’ think about what he he’s gonna say before he says it. And if he can’t to do something that fricken’ simple then he needs to go home.
        This is the problem with Republicans. They’ll whine and moan endlessly about President Blackenstein, but they won’t call out their own when they go so far over the line it isn’t funny (Walsh, Mourdock, Aiken, Palin etc..). And then they wonder why they can’t win national elections.
        You want me to stop talking about Ken? Then stop making pathetic excuses and put a fricken’ piece of duct tape over his mouth until the 6th if that’s what you have to do.
        What about having the cohones to issue a press release apologizing for being so fricken’ insensitive?

  2. Kent,
    Sorry! That was obviously my error! As Gilda Radner used to say – nevermind!
    Perhaps I’m a little trigger happy because I’m rather unhappy with Mr. Zahm’s threat to sue Patch (I write for them).
    Again my apologies for misunderstanding your post.
    See Ken! It’s not that hard to apologize.

  3. If any of the bloggers or reporters spent a minute doing some real research they would find out that at least 3 of the deputy coroner’s assigned badges that Milliron is complaining about are individuals on call for disaster response. It is actually forward thinking to have individuals trained and ready to report to the scene for a multi-death tragedy. They do not carry concealed guns and they do not cost the county any money beyond the initial training class. Dabney is a huge risk as Coroner based on his disciplinary record. Toftoy has a clean record in this area.

  4. Jon Zahm lives 3 counties away frm Kendall County, and is a paid professional, by Ken Toftoy. Why does a 20 year incumbent hire a paid person. Something has gone arwy in the Kendall County Coroner’s Office. I have my FOIA’s in to a state agency…stay tuned.

    1. oops, I forgot that Zahm’s wife is paid by Tao Martinez, who is a long time friend of Toftoy. Funny thing, Zahm backs conservatives, but his wife works for hire for democrats….something fishy here?

    2. Toftoy hires a professional to help his campaign because he wants to run a professional campaign and has campaign donors supporting him. Dabney could not even pay the mortgage on his family’s home so he has to run an unprofessional campaign with amateurs. My wife is supporting the conservative Democrat in the Kane Coroner’s race against a weak Republican who is completely under the control of the liberal, pay to play Republicans in the county like McConnaughay, Kenyon, Shepro, and Gauntt.

      1. Hi Jon,
        from an amateur volunteer for Dabney, Steve Youhanaie. You lost the primary, supporting Dr. Tamale. Rob Russell won. So you are so insulted that Dr. Tamale lost, you and your wife are working to defeat a Republican, so you can tell the world, “I TOLD YOU SO.” It’s that or you and your wife need the money. People need money, nowadays. Some resort to phony causes, or phony intimacies, and we call those who get paid by the same name. The word starts out like prosthetics, but ends differently.

        1. The Tiballi primary was one of the very few I did lose this year. He is a much better candidate than Russell and I know Jeff Ward would back me up on that. Now that you have called my wife a prostitute you have shown your true level of class. Why are you backing Russell? I know Jeff Ward is not. My wife does not need the money but thinks Martinez is a better candidate than Russell. I am too busy with other campaigns to get into that one.

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