The Lone Ranger rides again!

The Lone Ranger rides again!

From this point on, let’s use weekends to catch up on news stories that didn’t make the weekday cut and perhaps write one or two editorials. I hope that sounds like a reasonable plan to you.
One bypassed item worth noting is Aurora 4th Ward Alderman Rick Lawrence will run again, but this time for the lone alderman-at-large spot. 
This is a brilliant strategy because when constituents call him to inspect an ostensibly abandoned house, instead of making headlines, he will now be able to refer the caller to the appropriate ward office.
If you recall, despite my rabid Beacon-News defense of his actions, Mr. Lawrence formally apologized for entering a not-as-vacant-as-they thought Downers Place home at the behest of some frustrated neighbors.  When the owners came back to retrieve the rest of their stuff, they found and already cleaned out house.
I still beleive, considering all the foreclosures and the state of that completely trashed property, Lawrence did the right thing. But enough about that.
This columnist heartily supports Lawrence’s choice to run again if for no other reason than every village board needs that lone voice of dissent – as long as it’s employed semi-sparingly and within the bounds of reason. And Rick has, indeed, learned to moderate that voice, the best example of which is a continuing public detente with Mayor Tom Weisner.
If you recall, that wasn’t always the case.
Ah! But there’s a catch! (Ain’t that always the case?). My backing of the alderman’s independent run comes at a cost! And the price is he better damn well be done with that insipid Akif Malik and the even more insipid Open Line Blog. Mr. Malik, a guttersnipe who doesn’t even live in Aurora and calls himself an “activist,” fantasizes that no one really knows he’s the one behind that “anonymous” operation.
So Mr. Lawrence! We will be having a conversation soon in which I will seek assurances, and then I’ll verify it with some of your associates. Let’s hope the alderman has chosen wisely.

3 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger rides again!

  1. Jeff,
    While I appriecate your excitement that I am running for Alderman at Large.
    A couple of your comments are off base. I have only voted against issues or developments when what was being presented did not make sense. In every issue I have been proven to be right and unfortunately the taxpayers lost tens of millions of dollars in the process due to the fact of 11 people to afraid to ask question or risk being singled out by news reporter right out of school.
    Your comments about Mr Malik. Akif is a friend of mine and I do not know that you even know him. I have known him for about 9 years now I find him to be intelligent, caring and always willing to help someone. None of us are perfect I’m sure many could say the same of you and me, I know many people are told not associate with me, some have paid a high pricd for that in Aurora. So sorry to let you down but I do not turn my back on some because of rumors or for political gain, I leave that for people like Wiesner and Kifowit.
    As for Openline Blog as I understand, many people write for it ( you would be surprised). I would suggest to do what I do, don’t read it on a regular basis or at all. Many if the comments posted on it are vulgar and stupid. So why would you read them. The actrual story written by the blog at times are off the wall but for the most part use insanity, facts, satire and creative writing to point out the insane world of politics. With the exception of being aynomous not unlike yourself or John Kass. I would much rather read your articles or the openline blog than a Denise Crosby article which has none of the above qualities.
    If we are going to look into the disgusting writing an antics of politics here in Aurora all one has to do is look at the Kifowit campaign for state rep. Madigan has now invested nearly $900,000.00 into this race against $100,000.00 opponent, sent out the most untrue, disgusting and personal attacks against a good family, all to increase his power over our state. Kifowit herself has proved herself to be everything Openline( not the commentary by others) ever said about her.
    Enough of what others do. I will continue to speak up when I see waste and corruption. I wil continue tol work with the neighborhoods, schools and police to address housing issues that impact or property values and quality of life. I will continue to fight Aurora being the dumping ground for every community around us which choose not to provide services for those in need. We will continue to point focus on the corruption that is a way of life here in Aurora.
    I’ll always be myself, honest and independent, not what someone else wants me to be. My choice

    1. God bless you Rick Lawrence for ever being the contrarian!
      But if you recall, it was I, in the Beacon-News, who praised you for striking a near death blow against the municipal mindset. As you continue to pick your battles – something you’re getting much better at – you will become that much more effective.
      Though you complain about Ms. Kifowit, Ms. Fee’s campaign tactics – or at least those of the people surrounding her – have been even more questionable. Remember, I talk to the reporters!
      As for Mr. Malik, I said he was behind the Open Line Blog – not the only writer. And while I admire your willingness to stand by him and your “caring” defense, his public history – which anyone can access – would suggest otherwise.
      Anyone who trashes people – and people I really care about – under the guise of anonymity, is beneath slime. I look forward to the day when Mr. Malik and I meet face-to-face.
      Go get ’em Rick!

      1. I’m not his dad nor do know what history your suggesting. I’m just speaking of a person I know. I’m sure if you dig into everyone’s history you will find something that may be true or not. Again none of us are perfect. He has been a friend and very nice to my family. Did you know that he was behind the Olympic bid for Chicago?
        It seems to me that so many people get so caught up in some blog and who runs it rather than worrying about their own success. I have never seen so much energy and concern about a small blog that supposedly nobody reads, competing with “legit news” sources. Again don’t read it, unless of course, a lot of people follow it read, may explain the obsession of some. Being in politics I have learned not to allow anything that is printed affect me. The Beacon, not you, has been trying for years, turns out most people that read it understand the bias and the political agenda of the writers.
        But I will continue to do what I feel is right. I will change the mindset of politics in Aurora. Thank you for that phrase. I like it.
        If you want to go to lunch with Akif, I’ll buy. Maybe Stockholm’s.

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