The First Ward Report – Why we get sick!

The First Ward Report – Why we get sick!

But before we start, let’s dispense with yet another round of BS press pandemic panic porn as the papers trumpeted that Illinois hit the four-figure case mark “for the first time since June!”

Yes! There were 1,018 new coronavirus cases yesterday, but what those “reporters” failed to mention is we also saw a record 36,180 test results. Considering our currently consistent 1 in 35 prevalence, 1,018 positives is exactly what we’d expect from 36,180 tests.

So, it’s NOT news!

Furthermore, Illinois saw just 20 deaths yesterday while COVID-19 ICU bed and ventilator usage are hovering at their lows of 353 and 151 respectively. Put more simply, we’re fine.

Now back to the issue at hand.

Obesity 2

Particular with the looming specter of schools reopening, we’re being forced to endure even more progressive’s screeching about perpetually knowing what’s best for the rest of us. But what our leftist loons and most so-called “experts” conveniently overlook is, when it comes to disease pathology, we have met the enemy and he is us.

Yes! The federal and state pandemic response have been abjectly abysmal, but that doesn’t nearly begin to explain why the U.S. has been hit so much harder than European and Asian countries. The inconvenient truth is, a great deal of that damage is a direct consequence of our vast capacity for self-inflicted wounds.

So, let’s examine why Walt Kelley (look it up) is right again:

1. Our insatiable appetite for cheap Chinese goods

“Wait a minute, Jeff! How does that notion affect our health?” I’m glad you asked!

All Trump bigotry aside, as a result of the ensuing manufacturing jobs, there’s an increasingly massive migration to the already overcrowded Chinese urban centers. And when you combine a packed city like Wuhan (11 million) with the traditional Chinese “wet markets,” it becomes a fantasy breeding ground for the next pandemic pathogen.

To put Wuhan, the origin of the plague, in perspective, it’s only China’s fifth largest city, besting New York’s paltry 8.4 million residents by an unhealthy 36 percent margin.

To that end, one of the most consistent social media memes during the early height of the pandemic was “When this is over, let’s buy American!” While that’s certainly a noble sentiment, we all know that will last only as long as the initial sticker shock.

2. Our diet sucks!

American insist on the flippin’ WORST on the planet, and that starts with the processed food possibilities that make our lives easier, but then those antibiotic bloated chickens eventually come home to roost.

Processed foods are packed with sugar, sodium and the most deleterious kind of fats leading directly to an unheralded obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease epidemic. And pandemics just love to go after these compromised people.

They’re also rife with artificial ingredients, they contain unnatural oils, and those empty calories only make you even more hungry. Since we haven’t evolved past our original prehistoric fat and sugar cravings, those processed foods are quite addicting, too.

But they are a bleepin’ health-food diet when compared to our ubiquitous fast food options!

Anyone’s who’s watched the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ knows that a fast-food diet presents all the processed food problems along with depression, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and liver problems mixed in for good measure.

Having McDonald’s once or twice a year is fine, but it’s a dietary disaster when otherwise applied.

3. Factory farming makes animals – and us – sick!

Again, we’ve all seen the undercover videos of beakless chickens cruelly crammed into small cages in monstrous facilities while being fed copious amounts of antibiotics and “growth promoters.” And the cattle industry is even worse in the antibiotic and unnatural bovine diet regard.

Then, it what isn’t a surprise to anyone, all of those immune system compromising drugs end up in our stomachs rendering us far more susceptible to infections like, you guessed it, the coronavirus.

Trust me! I know how expensive free-range chicken and organic beef can be, but it’s more than ironic that we regularly pound our fists about sparing no pandemic expense while we slowly kill ourselves with bad food choices.

4. We have an aversion to exercise

At the height of the shutdown I was thrilled to see so many of my Geneva neighbors walking and cycling as a family. But now that we’re back to work, it’s right back to the same folks I’ve seen walking, running, and cycling for years.

A slew of longitudinal studies have shown that even brisk walkers’ bodies are medically 20 years younger than their sedentary counterparts, and even the mildest exercise vastly improves your outlook and immune system response.

5. We’re fat!

Yep! As a result of almost all of the above we’re the most obese nation on this third rock from the Sun and being number one ain’t nuthin’ to brag about.

In 2000, just 30.5 percent of Americans were obese. Fast forward to 2020 and that number has skyrocketed to 42.4 percent with no end in sight. That’s just obesity, too! Seventy percent of American men and 67 percent of women are considered to be overweight.

Our current 132,000 coronavirus casualties are certainly tragic, but they pale in comparison to the estimated 300,000 American who die from obesity related complications like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer every year. The CDC has been quite clear that obesity is a serious risk factor in the severity of the coronavirus.

But if a doctor has the temerity to tell a patient they need to lose weight, or Sarah Michelle Geller posts a racy picture to remind herself not to overindulge at Thanksgiving, the cackling progressive crowd cries “fat shaming!

And then we just get fatter.


So, with the next pandemic already percolating in China, particularly considering all the self-righteous COVID-19 shrieking and howling, wouldn’t it behoove us to buy American when you can, eat better, chose better groceries, lose weight, and exercise at least four times a week?

They’re such simple but meaningful steps, too, because there’s absolutely no substitute for the kind of fully functioning immune system that’s made Homo Sapiens the dominant planetary species. Let’s not be our own worst enemies

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