The First Ward Cornavirus Report – May 6, 2020

The First Ward Cornavirus Report – May 6, 2020

I can’t tell you how much I regret insisting our new social justice plague warriors and the Governor explain exactly what their COVID-19 plan is, because now that Governor Pritzker has released the details of his “plan,” it’s worse than no plan at all.

But rather than listen to me launch into another rant, my good friend and attorney, Jeff Meyer, summed it up perfectly:

Let me translate this for you! J.B. Pritzker will not be “re-opening” Illinois anytime soon. Only a trust fund baby who has never had to work and has never known what it means to worry about how he will pay his mortgage or put food on his table, could come up with a plan so callous and insensitive to what it will do to millions of Illinois families.

Realistically, under these metrics, it will be after July 4th before Pritzker may consider the opening of bars and restaurants (by which time there will be none to re-open), more mandatory distance learning in the fall (meaning there will be no daycare available for working parents and we’ll be stuck again trying to both work and play teacher at home), and probably no return to “normalcy” until late fall at the earliest.

But when you truly consider those impossible metrics, you’ll quickly understand that Jeff’s being optimistic. Since statistics never travel in a straight line, the goals Pritzker’s set to relax the restrictions cannot be met, and the few regions that might manage to meet them, will quickly generate more asymptomatic and mild cases, immediately backsliding into the previous shelter-in-place status.

Facts Not Fear 3

Illinois small business’s only hope is to defy this unconstitutional order and reopen on their own terms because the cure cannot become worse than the disease. Like many others have already done, I would encourage our local mayors to issue declarations making it clear they will not enforce the Governor’s unconstitutional order.

Then we need an attorney with real political clout – a Jim Thompson, Ty Fahner, Tony Valukas, or Dan Webb – to march into that Chicago federal court building and challenge the Governor head on before this impending epic economic disaster reaches the point of no return.

As far as today’s numbers go, since we’ll always have outlier days, the number of death’s did increase as did the mortality rate, but the prevalence backed off to 1 in 6.2 and we hit a new low daily case percentage increase of 3.3 percent, shattering the previous 3.8 percent record.

But as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing you the facts, this process – and particularly the Governor’s blatant shortsightedness – is truly starting to wear on me. My family is and will be fine, but it’s beyond difficult and depressing to watch so many good friends suffer as a result of this abject demagoguery and general stupidity.

So, when my longsuffering wife and my good friend Paul suggested that I take a break from coronavirus reporting, and I couldn’t summon up the energy to disagree, I think that break is a very good idea.

But don’t worry! I’ll share some humorous passages from the impending “Diary of a Curmudgeon” and continue to write on other topics, but, for my own sanity, I do have to let these reports go for a while.

When I do get back to it, it will likely be on an every other or every third day basis. I truly appreciate your support and understanding.

Meanwhile, politically, let’s hope for the best while we prepare for the worst.

6 thoughts on “The First Ward Cornavirus Report – May 6, 2020

  1. I truly will miss your daily reports. Thank you for standing up to the hierarchy of privileged stupidity that is ruining the economy. Your reports have been a light in the dim darkness of mundanity that has been surrounding most other news reporters. It’s comforting to know that I am not alone in my views of the politics taking place and that there are other sensible people out there.

  2. I look forward to reading your refreshing commentary and seeing the numbers that matter everyday. We need your voice of reason out there, so please don’t take too much time off!
    JB has taken all of our hopes and dashed them. We are never getting out of this stay at home, our economy is ruined, and our kids won’t be going back to school with his metrics.
    I hope and pray that his order won’t stand up in court!

    1. I will miss these reports, but I totally understand your need for a sanity break. Trying to get someone to understand that their thought process is flawed, is often equated to running our heads into the proverbial brick wall. Come back soon.

  3. At some point Illinois will be in the rear view mirror.
    I have lived here all my life but this guy is too much and just shows he does not know how to run anything let alone himself. His family is out of town yet those who do not matter (the citizens of Illinois) are under this want to be despot–want to be 2024 or 2028 hopeful. Not a chance that is going to happen.
    He doesn’t understand the need to work and put food on a table for a family. He is a trust fund baby who doesn’t need to worry where his next meal is coming from.

  4. “Like many others have already done, I would encourage our local mayors to issue declarations making it clear they will not enforce the Governor’s unconstitutional order.”

    AGREED! However, Elgin’s mayor Weakling wouldn’t DARE do that and neither would the rest of the city council. All council nine Democrats would never risk their relationship with the state’s kingpin. Even with Pritzker saying yesterday he has discouraged law enforcement from arresting people for violating his illegal wish list. DUH.

    While mayor Weakling is still at the stage of telling everyone to wash their hands, Schaumburg is giving their citizens free masks. LOL.

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