The DOA Coronavirus Report – February 26, 2021

The DOA Coronavirus Report – February 26, 2021

Since I made the mistake of responding at length to the persistently annoying and generally dangerous progressive nanny-staters on social media, I thought I’d make it worth my written while by turning it into a somewhat unconventional Coronavirus Report.

To set the stage, this past weekend I informed my fellow Facebook Genevans that, they too, could get their very own “Get Our Kids Back in School” yard signs simply by emailing those fine Geneva Parents United folks at Then, all hell broke loose. Why, the scurrilous rabble went as far as comparing me to Hitler, Stalin and some crazy guy name Jeff Ward!

Apparently, the demise of the perpetually offended and outraged culture has been greatly exaggerated. So what follows is my edited-into-a-column response to those readers who wouldn’t know the COVID truth if it bit ‘em in their ample asses.

1. All I did was post the means to get a yard sign. I don’t recall putting a gun to anyone’s head and insisting they take one. That means the appropriate response to not wanting a yard sign is not to ask for one. Ceaselessly browbeating people with baseless fear because you can’t bear the thought of people thinking and behaving differently than you do is not the appropriate response.


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