State’s Attorneys Should Stay Out of It!

State’s Attorneys Should Stay Out of It!

In my not-quite-best-selling book, “So You Want to Win a Local Election?,” given the preponderance of evidence, I theorize that whenever anyone announces their intention to run for office, 60 percent of their brain cells immediately make a quantum leap into another dimension, only to return after election day.

But now I’m not so sure about that. Because while I can occasionally get my campaign managing clients to listen to electoral reason, once they’re elected, my keen perception of the obvious quickly becomes unwelcome.

Case in point.

Though it took the judicious application of C4 to get her to finally see the light, as the architect of Kane County State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser’s successful campaign, I managed to convince her it was a really bad idea to get too friendly with other Democratic candidates.

The first problem is, if one of those fine folks gets caught up in any kind of scandal, that guilt by association won’t help your chances. The last time I resorted to a Thesaurus, the words “politician” and “scandal” were still considered synonyms.

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