The Daily Herald endorses…Kevin Burns???!!!

The Daily Herald endorses…Kevin Burns???!!!

For Mayor of Geneva?
Though I suppose it should come as no surprise because the entire newspaper endorsement process is obsolete and flawed. It’s an anachronism that harkens back to a day when papers were the only local media game in town and only they had the clout to get the candidates to sit down and talk.
Now, the vast majority of local candidates will answer any reasonable question on fricken’ facebook!
Yes! Assistant Managing Editor Jim Slusher made a big deal out of endorsement month by claiming they really weren’t in it to influence your vote, No! The Daily Herald is simply trying get you to engage in the political process – by doing your thinking for you.  daily herald
C’mon! Couldn’t they create candidate profiles without picking anyone which, ya know, might actually engage the reader’s thought process?
But No! As newspapers lose whatever gravitas they once had at an alarming rate, the endorsement game has become a form of mutual masturbation. The newspapers do it to prove they’re still relevant and, to a lesser extent, so do the candidates. They love it when they can get a politician to come to them!
And that’s when they aren’t endorsing criminals like Jesse Jackson Jr. because they’re afraid of losing readers.
The truth is, the more you suck up to the editorial board, which more frequently consists of at least one reporter who can’t even spell the word “investigative,” the more likely you are to get the endorsement. So is it any wonder that the smarmy State Sen Mike Noland would get the nod over challenger Tim Elenz or the ingratiating Kevin Burns would prevail over the more rough-edged Bob McQuillan?
The problem is, as newspapers (and candidates) continue to engage in this stroke fest, they lose standing. I’m not necessarily saying the DH should’ve endorsed McQuillan for Geneva Mayor, but I can’t see how they chose Kevin Burns.
Lets review class!

And trying to excuse yourself by picking the lesser of two evils doesn’t cut it. If you can’t bear the thought of either candidate, then don’t endorse anyone. Because if you do, you lose the kind of credibility that newspapers simply can’t afford to lose.
I can’t tell you how many emails and calls I’ve received from folks aghast at the DH’s choice.
The irony is, as I proved in this column, the quickest way to lose a truly contested election is to be endorsed by the local papers! And the only paper worse at picking the losers than the DH is the Chicago Tribune.
So whenever a candidate asks me if they should do any endorsement interviews, I quickly answer that query with an unequivocal and emphatic NO! The odds of it helping your cause are slim while your chances of saying something that hurts your candidacy is far greater.
The bottom line? I’ll be voting for Bob McQuillan because I’m tired of watching Kevin Burns spend my money and local newspapers will continue to fade away.

8 thoughts on “The Daily Herald endorses…Kevin Burns???!!!

  1. Isn’t Geneva a home-rule communty? If so this point is completely false:
    Geneva has to implement the maximum property tax levy increase or we “lose that money for good.”
    A home-rule town is not subject to PTELL, lowering or freezing the levy has no negative outcome. Maybe Kevin should take a civics class.

  2. Not only because I happen to think that 12 yrs of KB is more than enough–I have only been here since 2005—but your rebuttals to his preposterous factoids leave me laughing and heaving at the same time. Keep up the good work.

  3. The majority of the council has been a rubber stamp for Burns for the longest time. They lack the backbone and fortitude to stand up to some of the most absurd and demeaning statements that may be humorous to the only one person uttering nonsense. When the council decided to get a new utility truck based on want rather than need, the council justified the purchase based on the most obscure reasonning that the money might not be there next year. Where in the world would that budget money go? Perhaps in to the wallet of an embezelling employee?!!!

  4. Jeff,
    Thanks for the advice – I read it too late to take it. They DH interview was definitely walking through a mine field, and since the love encumbants, and I challenged their decisions, I was labeled as combative. Dave Lamb did the same in his interview and also was not endorsed. I agree you only hurt your message, and I won’t agree to doing one again. I raced from the airport back from a Boston trip, up to their offices in Elgin, only to get bashed – I should have just let my answers to their long questionaire speak for themselves.
    Keep up the good work on making public what the voter needs to know to make an informed choice.
    Dan Garrett
    School board 304 candidate.

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