Left, Right and You is…

In the bag! Since, like me, you’re finally done with all your snowblowing (for now), why not sit back and listen to today’s show: Left, Right and You 3-5-13
Thankfully, the vast right wing weather conspiracy intended to keep me from getting to Elgin on Tuesdays failed once again and I was right there in the studio to counter Allen’s flights of fancy.
Thanks to Elgin City Council candidate Toby Shaw for calling in and letting our audience know that hard political groundwork, something many Republicans are allergic to, actually pays off.
Remember, it’s local taxing bodies and not Washington D. C. that take the biggest chunk of your paycheck so you might want to pay attention to folks like Toby as we come into that consolidated election home stretch. C’mon Elgin! You can do better than a 3 percent turnout.
Another thanks to Dan for calling in and a massive thanks to Carl Schoedel and KDOT who made my Randall Road trip to Elgin even easier than it is on a sunny midsummer day!
Enjoy the show!

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