The Coronavirus Report – The price of a perfectly failed strategy – Part 2!

The Coronavirus Report – The price of a perfectly failed strategy – Part 2!

A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep” – Saul Bellow

Since, according to that great philosopher Steve Miller, “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin, into the future,” let’s get on with it! If you feel the need to catch up, please consider giving part one a shot.

Again, the entire point of this two-parter is to remind the rabble that the commonsense logic-based predictions my regular readers and I have promoted since April have all come to pass.

Moving on:

6. Could the COVID “mitigations” be any more capricious?

This bovine manure is what really frost my flakes. Once again, the level of progressive and political hypocrisy is beyond the pale:

  • You can’t drink at a well-ventilated bar, but you can host a 25-guest private gathering in your poorly ventilated home.
  • You can stroll into a crowded Walmart to buy a Baby Yoda, but you can’t eat inside a Balmoral Restaurant (Go there – it’s bleepin’ great!)
  • Your child can’t participate in high school sports, but you can gamble and drink ‘til you drop at the Hollywood Casino.
  • You can go to Binny’s to stock up on Jack – which makes you more susceptible to the plague – but you can’t go get your hair done.
  • You can’t go into the office, but the Dollar Store checkout clerk is an “essential” worker.
  • Your children can go buy videogames at GameStop, but they can’t go to school.

I certainly won’t name them, but there’s a brilliant Kane County restaurant that’s getting around the Governor’s crap by “hosting” “private” indoor gatherings with 24 of your newest best friends! That’s just how flippin’ absurd these “mitigations” really are, not to mention the blatant hypocrisy involved.

We know exactly why you can still buy booze and gamble, right?

7. The Governor’s emergency powers expired in April!

The First Ward and our more-that-astute readers have virtually shouting this truth since May, and it makes every capricious “mitigation” order since the initial 30-day disaster period patently illegal.

But why listen to us when Kane County Judge Kevin Busch said it all in a ruling that allows Geneva’s FoxFire Restaurant to remain open for indoor dining! Here’s the gist of that ruling:

There is no question that a person’s ability to pursue their calling, to earn a living and to run a business is a protectable right under both the federal and state constitution and is inherent in everyone’s natural right to liberty. The state’s ability to deprive people of their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is tempered by due process.


The crowds at our local food stores are much greater than the crowds that can, and I expect do, populate our local restaurants, including FoxFire, I note that in our community that every one of the big-box stores is open. And again, the crowds that populate these stores are significantly greater than the crowds that populate our local restaurants, including those like FoxFire. And the court cannot turn a blind eye to these facts. If there was such a compelling public need to shut down businesses for public health, then how did we pick the winners and losers?

Due process! What a fricken novel concept.

Judge Busch may well be one of the most reprehensible human beings I’ve ever met, and there isn’t a boob he hasn’t stared at in court, but when he chooses to apply it, he does have the kind of keen legal mind that’s rarely reversed at the appellate level.

Not only that, but the Illinois Supreme Court is about to turn Republican which will end the Governor’s bovine manure “mitigations” once and for all!

Oh! And I when I previously used the word “boob,” I wasn’t referring to idiots, either. Was that an utterly unnecessary attack on the Judge’s abject lack of character? Yes, it was! And I enjoyed every second of it, too!  Apparently Agent Orange is rubbing off on me.

8. The mortality rate is plummeting faster than Governor Pointless’ popularity

This, of course, begs the question, why am I the only one reporting it?

The Illinois mortality rate was sitting squarely at 4.8 percent as of July 4, and now, a scant four months later, it’s half that at 2.4 percent! If you remove those beyond pointless 5,000 Illinois nursing home deaths, our mortality rate would be 1.1 percent. Further subtract the 94 percent of COVID deaths attributable to a co-morbidity factor like obesity, and that number becomes a very flu-like 0.1 percent. Though any death diminishes us, Pritzker and his progressive posse have wrought untold economic destruction for this?

Oh! And BTW, the Governor hasn’t investigated a single one of those recklessly negligent long-term care facility deaths because then he’d have to admit he hasn’t saved lives, he’s actually cost them. Those residents weren’t exactly out partying at The Green Mill, now were they?

9. Why haven’t we prepared for the second wave?

How many times do my readers and I have to say this? Even medical frauds like Illinois Health Department Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike, a purely patronage hire who’s a flippin’ pediatrician and NOT and epidemiologist, warned what would happen when the weather turned cold.

So, if the shutdown target was to save our healthcare infrastructure and we knew the plague hadn’t simply vanished, why did we dismantle all of the overflow facilities like McCormick Place? Call me crazy, but that lapse falls squarely on the Governor and his staff and not restaurants and bars.

10. The Governor’s “science” isn’t science!

This is the pasty resistance!

Typically, at this lengthy interval, we’d have to resort to a part three, but former Sun-Times reporter Mark Konkol did all the heavy lifting for us. In this magnificent column that’s a direct result of a enterprising citizen’s FOIA requests, it becomes abundantly clear that the Governor lives in an entirely different reality.

Put more simply, Pritzker has blatantly lied to us because he’s addicted to the adulation of “saving lives.”

I’ve consistently explained that the infection rate – and even my beloved prevalence – are seriously flawed indicators. Even when compiled correctly, all they really measure is the number of folks who’ve tested positive on any given day, and who’s more likely to seek COVID testing? That’s right! People with COVID symptoms.

And if someone takes two tests to confirm the first positive result, that counts as two “infections.” But if you thought that was bad, just wait! Here are the key passages from Konkol’s column:

Associate professor Sarah Cobey said she told Pritzker’s administration it risks “losing scientific accuracy and probably credibility in the long run” by making policy decisions based on metrics such as COVID-19 positivity rates. She said Pritzker’s people were “pretty adamant that actual science is too much” for Illinoisans to understand.

Professor Cobey is University of Chicago expert on the progression of pathogens, or what we real journalists call a real expert.

[University of Illinois Associate Professor Byron]Brooke stressed “pushing out a serological [antibody] test that doesn’t perform well enough may do more harm than good by prolonging the duration of this whole thing and degrading public trust.”


Jackson reached out to University of Illinois associate professor Christopher Byron Brooke, who replied with a warning: “Pushing out a garbage test for community testing just to say we are testing would be dangerous.”


On April 21, emails show there was already tension brewing over the Pritzker administration’s decision to lean more heavily on the work of University of Illinois physicists rather than scientists with public health expertise, Cobey among them.


Last month, Cobey told a downstate reporter she has a real problem in some ways defending what the state is doing because I think it is very precarious.” Her prophesy that Pritzker’s decision to balk at “actual science” because it’s “too complicated” and “people won’t like it” might erode credibility has started to come true.


Many times, multiple specimens are taken for each person tested, making the state numbers a less-precise metric for interpreting the virus’s spread.

And finally:

As of Tuesday, New York’s average person positivity rate was 1.8 percent, the nation’s second lowest infection rate, and public health officials there are combating outbreaks in clusters, a block at a time.

We all know the situation in Illinois, where Pritzker has responded to spiking cases with a hammer rather than a scalpel.

To sum that all up, we have physicists, not epidemiologists, leading the Illinois “science” charge based on flawed testing methodology and bad statistics such that a positive test is counted far more than once. And it’s “supervised” by a Governor who thinks you can’t handle the science or the truth.

And every last quote comes DIRECTLY from Springfield staffers’ emails!

Even that insipid and soon-to-be-one-term Governor Pointless’ Mini Me, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, is now begging Pritzker to reopen Chicago bars and restaurants. Remember her? She’s the bleep who closed the beaches even though you clearly can’t catch the plague outdoors.


Particularly in light of the slings and arrows of outrageous pandemic fortune that were hurled my way throughout the spring and summer, if you think The First Ward is going to be magnanimous about being mathematically correct every bleepin’ step of the way, in the words of the great Judas Priest, “You’ve got another thing coming!”

But more simply, I’m really gonna enjoy watching those formerly self-righteous progressives and nanny-staters slither back into their dark holes.

Sigh! I guess there will be a part three! We’ll conclude this epic poem on Tuesday. Clearly, Homer ain’t’ got nuthin’ on me!


One thought on “The Coronavirus Report – The price of a perfectly failed strategy – Part 2!

  1. I like your new format.
    I read the Konkol piece yesterday. Investigative reporting still lives.
    Seems like years ago, I watched the Governor bring Sergei Maslov and Nigel Goldenfeld – two very bright physicists who know how to create mathematical models. As it happens, their Covid model missed reality by a very wide margin. They have much to contribute as part of a well-rounded panel of advisors that includes many disciplines, including economics.
    When navigating this trying time, we cannot have one person control all decisions. Our clumsy political system has brought us through past calamities, but not without mistakes and casualties. We should not judge General Grant totally on his performance at either Shiloh or Vicksburg. This Covid conflict is not over, and what looks right at any given moment might turn out to have been idiocy. With its “let it rip” strategy, already Sweden has been sequentially hailed as innovators, defiled as misanthropes, and then praised as courageous. The jury is still out, and in the end, some will say they were just lucky (or unlucky) depending on their comparative outcome.
    We must find the sweet spot on the lock-down/wide-open continuum. As you point out, we must do better protecting the elderly who are suffering the majority of deaths.
    Here is a link to the physicist’s presentation.

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