Do we really need another dishonest state’s attorney?

Do we really need another dishonest state’s attorney?

The answer to that eminently simple question is a resounding “No!” of course! But we’ve got one Kane County SA candidate to whom mendaciousness comes just about as naturally as breathing! And that should concern each and every one of you because when a man who purports to consider the concept of justice with such a sacred reverence so easily lies, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The fact that Spence sent out a mailer and created a Facebook meme comparing his experience to opponent, Jamie Mosser’s, is nothing new. It’s a tried a true campaign messaging methodology. Per Wednesday’s Political Lesson piece, Spence’s people were smart enough to avoid using Mosser’s name, too.

Five of the post’s juxtaposed bullet points generally represent the truth, but one of ‘em clearly does not. And doesn’t our criminal justice system tend to insert a caveat about telling the “whole truth?” C’mon! Isn’t being 84 percent truthful lot like being 24 percent pregnant?

For starters, Bob claims he’s presided over 16 separate murder trials when nothing could be further from the truth.

The second he made that lie public, a surprising number of Kane County attorneys came forward to tell me they can’t remember him first chairing a single homicide case. Oh! He may have been second or third chair in those 16 trials, but as far as courtroom experience goes, that’s a lot like taking your sister to the prom.

Meanwhile, not only has Mosser first chaired three major murder trials – that’s three more than Spence – but she also served as second chair in six others.

So, can anyone explain why Bob Spence is claiming it’s only one?

And that’s particularly perplexing when you consider there’s a Batavia League of Women Voters forum video out there in which Mosser corrects Spence for making that same error back in early September. The more than massive irony is, were it not for his “friendship” with former Illinois Supreme Court Justice Bob Thomas, Spence would be nothing more than an associate judge right now, if that.

He lost every single one of his contested judicial elections which essentially makes him a highly paid patronage hire while Mosser actually earned every position she’s ever had.

So, Bob Spence:

  • Lied about his own experience
  • Lied about Jamie Mosser’s experience
  • Perpetuated the lie about Mosser’s experience despite being publicly corrected

Let’s add that Spence said:

  • “Mass incarcerations work”
  • “There’s no room for compassion in the law”
  • And he regularly railroaded defendants as a judge

and that sum inexorably comes out to one despicable human being.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Spence has frequently declared that outgoing State’s Attorney Joe McMahon has done a “great job” and he wants to “build on that record.” But why would any reasonable candidate want to “build on:”

  • An epic sexual harassment scandal that forced McMahon to walk away from the office
  • A consistent failure to defend lawsuits that cost Kane County taxpayers millions and sent our liability insurance premiums through the roof
  • Threatening any countywide elected officials who had the temerity to question him
  • Spending most of his time away from the office training for triathlons
  • Letting his division heads get away with just about anything

To wit, on Tuesday, we’ll talk about Civil Division head Joe Lulves’ failure to file the legal paperwork that just cost the County $1 million in marijuana tax revenue.

So, why would anyone want to build on that?

And now, noting the shifting political winds, Spence is co-opting Mosser’s campaign platform while harboring absolutely no intention of following up on those empty promises! The truth is, he’d convict his own mother without a trial if she appeared before him.

Please don’t let Bob Spence get away with yet another series of his typical campaign lies. Jamie Mosser is the far better State’s Attorney candidate and she will, indeed, “Do more for Kane County!”

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