Screw the newspapers, here are my endorsements! (part I)

C’mon! All newspapers do is call these mopes in for a 10 minute talk which is about the same as a monkey throwing a dart at a sample ballot. As the only opinion columnist in Kane County, I, on the other hand, have to deal with these reprobates on a regular basis.
Trust me, when you spend the kind of quality time with ’em I have, you get to know what they’re all about. So who should be doing the endorsing – the Daily Herald or me? I thought so!
So without further ado, let’s move on to the contested county board races in which I’ve gotten to know the people involved.
District 4 – Brian Pollock
Republican Beth Goncher is just another Dallas and Denny wannabe who thinks she’s owed the office by virtue of her “friends.” To wit, she hasn’t been spotted at a single county board meeting. Though overstated at times, Bonnie Kunkel provided that necessary voice of dissent and Pollock is far more likely to continue in that tradition than Goncher.
District 8 – Jesse Vazquez
Only with the caveat that he makes people pronounce his last name correctly! (it’s “vazkez” not “vaskwez”) Though Jesse has occasionally succumbed to Darth McConnaughay and the power of the dark side, his heart is generally in the right place. He attends virtually every meeting and is one of the more knowledgeable board members.
District 5 – Melisa Taylor
She’s puts her heart and soul into that part-time gig and has been one of the few board members willing to challenge Darth McConnaughay in public. She’ll win because Sugar Grove ain’t ready for a Democrat.
District 11 – Me (write in)
While Mike Donohue certainly has potential, his arrogant smile, general condescension and vast ego make it impossible for me to endorse him. While I like challenger Martha Hanna, she has about as much chance of carrying Geneva as my newly announced fake write-in campaign does.
District 14 – Mark Davoust
Though he too has fallen under the spell of Darth McConnaughy, he’s never quite gone over that Ken Shepro/Cathy Hurlbut deep end. I believe that he and Chris Lauzen can work together to get things done.
District 16 – Jennifer Barconi
I like Mike Kenyon as a person, but not as a politician. Just as Darth McConnaughay is about to sail into the sunset, his time has also passed. It’s time for some new blood on the north end.
District 17 – Deb Allen
Don’t get me wrong, I like Jeff Meyer, but not only is Deb one of the hardest working board members, she also brings a badly needed element of class to that body. If, by her mere presence, she can get me to clean up my foul mouth, imagine what she can do with the rest of the board!
District 18 – Kerri Br… I mean Drew Frasz
For all the reasons we’ve already covered here. He’s the hardest working member on that board and he’s done a great job avoiding all the ridiculous faction crap that’s plagued that body.  Like Goncher, opponent Kerri Branson hasn’t attended a single board meeting.
District 20 – Christina Castro
If for no other reason than she can correctly pronounce Jesse Vazquez’ name. She’s another commissioner who’s managed to stand up to the sith lord and it’s nice to know there actually are fiscally conservative Democrats.
District 21 – Rebecca Gilliam
She’s always there! She’s shown up to more board meetings in the past year than some of the board members have! And that kind of dedication really oughtta get you elected. Perhaps Ms’s. Goncher and Branson should take note.
District 23 – Maggie Auger
Maggie’s deer in the headlights approach towards serving on the board makes me nervous, but since it’s a tough job and she seems to be coming into her own, we should probably giver her another shot.
So that’s it for the county board. Now you know exactly who to vote for. Tomorrow we’ll cover all those countywide offices.

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