Quick Hits – Why do Democratic Candidates Suck So Badly?

Quick Hits – Why do Democratic Candidates Suck So Badly?

And just like Chaos Theory predicts, the suckage runs across the entire Democratic political spectrum from the insane federal level right down to little old Kane County.

To be clear, by suckage I mean:

  • Running when they have absolutely no shot
  • Their abject incapacity to frame a message
  • A consistent inability to connect with voters
  • No real understanding of the political process
  • An utter incapacity to govern once elected

It’s not that they’re bad people – some of my best friends are Democrats – it’s just a party-wide obliviousness that consistently baffles me.

Ironically, while a plethora of Republicans actually are bad people – anyone who supports Donald Trump – they still manage to get elected and they know how to tilt the governmental scales in their favor.

Think about the current absurd 2,973 candidate Democratic president field. Not a single one of ‘em blows my skirt up, not a single one of them knows how to effectively reach those critical heartland voters, and every last one of them thinks that a group dash to the left is the way to win an election.

Yes! Unanimously raising your hands on a debate stage in favor of giving undocumented workers national health insurance is exactly how you get that Iowa farmer to dump Trump and his ridiculous trade wars and vote for you.

Though it’s Somewhat better back here in good old Kane County, in the words of that great philosopher, Harry Chapin, it’s “nothing yet to make the folks write home,” as two recently announced Democratic candidates clearly demonstrate.

The first is Kane County Democratic Party First Vice Chair, Corrine Pierog, a terrible candidate who couldn’t win an election if she ran unopposed. Ah! But that blatant reality hasn’t stopped her from throwing her hat in the County chairmanship ring. To be fair, she did win a couple of school board races, but we both know those don’t count.

corrine pierog 2

In a state senate campaign against John Milner and two against the likes of Jim Oberweis, Pierog never managed to get more than 40 percent of the vote. She couldn’t even beat Oberweis, an abysmal campaigner himself, in the heavily Democratic City of Aurora.

Pierog said the reason she’s running is she doesn’t like current Chairman Chris Lauzen’s “leadership style.”

Oh lord! While I’ve certainly voiced my concerns about the Chairman’s often abrasive manner, at least he’s a leader. Meanwhile, Pierog doesn’t even know how to spell that word as she’s presided over more failed Kane County Democratic campaigns than the entire Italian army. Only a Democrat would run because the opposition has offended their delicate sensibilities.

What ever happened to simply having better ideas?

Pierog’s two platform planks are, the striking Kane County probation workers should’ve gotten everything they wanted and the County Board should’ve treated the Longmeadow Loons better.

Once again, I wholeheartedly supported the probation workers during that walkout, but there are political realities that can’t be ignored. And one of ‘em is, after Chief Judge Susan Clancy-Boles and Court Services Director Lisa Aust played chicken with the law enforcement GPS system and unduly disparaged the Chairman in the process, they made matters much worse by setting an impossible budget knowing the probation workers contract was up and they were willing strike.

So, when Boles came hat-in-hand to Lauzen for the money to settle the strike, he correctly refused to intervene because just like feeding pigeons, once you bail out one county office, the rest will be lining up at your office door.

Remember, the probation workers are but one 17 separate Kane County bargaining units, so if you want your taxes to skyrocket because the Chairman’s willing to give them everything they want, then Pierog is your candidate.

As far as the Longmeadow Loons go, they had 25 bleepin’ years to oppose that bridge, but they were too busying watching ‘Mama’s Family’ reruns to get their ample butts off the couch make their voices heard. It was only after the project was fully approved that they stormed various county board meetings, and they were so belligerent and nasty when they did that even mild-mannered board member Drew Frasz walked away from them.

Ms. Pierog! Respect goes both ways. Despite their downright truculence, I never saw the Chairman, or any board member, treat the Loons poorly. And as far as respecting “their position” goes, they’d settle for nothing less than no bridge at all and to further indulge them, and all the other local “activist” groups in their various crusades, would bring county government to a complete standstill.

County government is under no obligation to provide their constituents with group therapy sessions, either. What is about Democrats that they believe everyone has to feel good all the time? As that great philosopher Sheldon Cooper would say, “What is this? A hippie love-in?”

Pierog may come across as a kind-hearted grandmother, but don’t let that facade fool you. She uses that artificial demeanor to impose her blitheringly bad political beliefs on the rest of the Kane County Democrats further limiting their electoral viability.

And make no mistake, the fact that she’s running again after so many lopsided losses is nothing more than another massive ego trip. Instead of giving a candidate with a shot a clearer field, Pierog’s addiction to all the attention she gets from running means she’s not about to let it go anytime soon.

During her announcement press conference, Pierog noted she was standing on the same spot JFK delivered an October 25, 1960 campaign speech, which she liberally quoted. My response would be something along the lines of what the late, great Democratic Senator from Texas, Lloyd Bentsen once said, “Ms. Pierog, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”


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  1. The Longmeadow Loons Fought against the Parkway ‘because it would only benefit the folks from McHenry County; as a Trustee in Dundee Township and former member of the Illinois Tollway, I proposed the Toll on the bridge so those nasty people in McHenry County would pay for it. The Loons then went after the Endangered Horny Toad..!

  2. I have often thought that people running for office should be disqualified because they want to run for office. Maybe here should be a state Oberweis rule. Get two bites at the apple and don’t win permanently banned from running for anything for life

  3. I had thought that the Dems had finally figured it out then Franklin F. Ramirez was elected as Elgin Township Supervisor. BUT No. They then go all out to elect Madigan puppet Baldemar Lopez to the Elgin City Council

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