Quick Hits – August 8, 2019

Let’s fix some errors and tie up some loose ends today! And I’ll be posting this a bit earlier than usual because I’m taking my wife to the movies on this, her last day of summer vacation. She’ll be back teaching middle school math in East Aurora on Monday. Talk about an early start!


I want to offer a pat on the back to former reporter Pan Demetrakakes and one of my favorite blog commenters for quickly noting that I confused Illinois’ 49th State Senate District with the similarly numbered State Rep District.


Thus, when I accused West Chicago State Rep Karina Villa of abandoning her constituents just one short year after being elected, I wuz wrong! When she inevitably throws her hat into the 25th State Senate ring, should she prevail, she will continue to represent her former district and more.

That said, this correction in no way absolves my contention that Villa will never be anything more than a follower, and the last thing Illinois needs is another Madigan lackey. To wit, I’m still looking for a moderate Republican candidate to run for that 25th District seat as we speak.

Meanwhile, I apologize to State Rep Villa for mischaracterizing her impending State Senate run.


Ooops! Part II

I’m kinda surprised no one caught this one! In the column regarding perennial candidate Corinne Pierog’s Kane County chairman run (Yikes!), I referred to two terrible Kane County Democratic candidates, but only covered one.

The second is none other than current board member Theresa Barriero, who recently announced her intention to seek the Democratic nomination for Circuit Clerk.

Before we continue, please allow me to stipulate that Theresa is a hoot, I love her as a person, and I would buy her a beer anytime she asked. But she’s a complete train wreck as an elected official, never managing to quite comprehend the vagaries of the political process. And she’s so vehement in her misunderstanding that it can make it very difficult for the County Board to get anything done.


The prefect example of this phenomenon is how she made last year’s probation workers strike far worse than it had to be. She doesn’t understand the need for County offices to stick to a budget, she doesn’t understand the limitations the Internal Control Statute imposes, and she completely ignores any and all political realities.

The perfect example of our last point is the fact she’s currently running for Circuit Clerk! Oh! Sweet mother of Pearl Jam! The four most difficult Kane Countywide propositions are as follows:

  1. County Clerk (elections)
  2. Circuit Clerk (millions of pages of court paperwork and judges’ egos)
  3. Chairman and Sheriff (a tie)

And for someone to believe they can tackle that absurdly complex office without the prior experience of attorney or paralegal is a form of insanity to which I cannot begin to ascribe. It’s yet another indication of the vast dysfunction that consistently plagues the Aurora Democrats.

To put this in perspective, it would be a lot like Ruth Bader Ginsburg running for Pope. While I certainly like her, the fact that she’s a Jewish woman might turn out to be somewhat of an impediment.

Let’s all pray that Tom Hartwell runs again, or a candidate with the required background steps up.


Where’s Kelli?

When the press calls out a public official for their tendency to avoid coming into the office, they’ll typically issue some sort of silly excuse for those excessive absences and make a point of appearing in public at every possible turn.

But not Kane County Public Defender Kelli Childress. No! Though she did manage to make some recent symbolic Judicial Center appearances, you’d think her $150,000 a year job description primarily consisted of posting her latest Central American adventure on social media.

And people say I have no fear!

Since my sincere journalistic efforts have failed so miserably, I turned to my good friends in the dairy industry and they were all too happy to help out:

Milk Carton 2

So, if you somehow do run into Ms. Childress, please call the Public Defender’s Office at 630-232-5835. Who knows? There may even be a reward in it for you!

One thought on “Quick Hits – August 8, 2019

  1. Sorry it took me so long to get around to this — I’ve been gone for a week and mostly offline — but thanks for the shout-out.

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