Quick Hits – The Geneva Police WILL NOT Silence Me!

Quick Hits – The Geneva Police WILL NOT Silence Me!

Oh lord! As if my life wasn’t fascinating enough already! Was I arrested by the Geneva Police for a domestic disturbance on Friday? Yes I was. Did a domestic disturbance actually occur? No it did not. And even if it did, we are all innocent until proven guilty, something my detractors have quickly forgotten.

The reason you know it didn’t happen is, in the 27 years we’ve been married, had I ever touched my wife in anger, you would be reading my obituary, and not this column.

Though this post will be primarily positive, I want those folks who would convict me in the court of social media to understand that my attorneys are documenting every single Facebook post in that regard.

Had I hit my wife, I would be the first one to admit it, apologize and make the legal and personal amends.


But my wife fully supports me against this ongoing Geneva Police harassment. If you doubt me, please file a FOIA request for my wife’s statement to the police taken at the scene of my son’s accident.

That document clearly describes completely inadvertent contact between she and myself.

My lovely wife also describes the level of Geneva Police harassment I’ve had to endure since 2006. That includes five separate arrests, most of which were dismissed outright, and I’ve never been convicted of ANYTHING. I’ve never been arrested in any other city either.

They accused me of swearing at some children 4 years ago and the State’s Attorney’s Office immediately dropped it. And when you consider my “relationship” with that office, that’s more than amazing.

They accused me of filing a false alarm 2 years ago and the judge threw it out before my legal team could even mount a defense. In that case, the GPD filed charges 60 days after the event, they “edited” the police report 90 days after the event, and they lied so badly on the stand, the three officers contradicted themselves.

As a result of my son totaling a third family car in three years, with the GPD amping the situation up beyond belief, my wife and I collided. She DID NOT and would not issue the complaint. The Geneva Police issued the complaint. In 27 years, I have not and will not touch my wife – or anyone – in anger.

My legal team is already filing the appropriate paperwork to fight this charge, including a speedy trial motion, and end this ongoing harassment once and for all. The truth is, I’ve been exonerated of every other GPD charge and it will be no different this time. I can’t wait for my day in court.

After telling him this story, my favorite former managing editor said, “It would seem that the Geneva Police are daring you to sue them.” It certainly does, doesn’t it?

I have chosen a difficult life. As I recently wrote, freedom of speech does not guarantee anyone the freedom from the consequences from that speech. Twelve years of Geneva Police harassment, culminating in a firebombed pickup truck on my driveway (an officer admitted that the GPD had opened the door for it by going too far with the harassment), is one of the consequences of speaking my mind.

What I really want to do here is thank my wife, my legal team and all of my amazing friends who continue to stand by and support me as the Geneva Police command staff continue their singular crusade to silence and marginalize me at every turn.

Trust me! With supporters like you, it will never work.

Furthermore, my main detractor’s Facebook post mentioned that I might perhaps do an expose on the Kane County Jail. You bet your sweet bippy I’m going to write about it!

You see, I love new experiences and I had a blast spending the night in my private suite and making it through bond call. Every white person on the planet should have to go through that process.

And BTW, Judge Johnson, State’s Attorney Joe McMahon’s Brother-in-law, released me on my own recognizance, which NO JUDGE WOULD DO if they believed real abuse had occurred. That’s especially true when you consider what I’ve written about some of those judges and the State’s Attorney’s Office!

What I did note during my 12 hours of incarceration is, as 30 of us waited for our turn in court, only four of us were white. I noted that the corrections officers went out of their way to be kind and humane to everyone.

I noted that Judge Keith Johnson never wavered in showing his humanity or recognizing ours. He could’ve easily rolled through that four hour call in two hours and gotten back to his Saturday, but he took the time to explain everything to each and every one of us

I noted beleaguered public defender, Brenda Willett, listen to all 30 of us and zealously defend us in court. She lost most of her Saturday, too. I will not rest until the county provides the PD’s with the kind of budget they truly deserve.

But the worst thing was, I noted a couple of clearly mentally ill individuals who, in facing multiple felonies, the system has clearly failed. And we’re the system! What did that famous book say about the least of our brothers?

I also enjoyed all of the folks who told me and my wife – who was there for that bond call – that they truly enjoy my columns.

And while my particular bond holding cell contained a number of class x accused individuals, I was never scared, intimidated or fearful in any way. In fact, I made some new friends, who may have made some serious mistakes, but that makes them no less human.

One of my new friends even offered to put me up while I endure the mandatory 72-hour staying away from home period. Though I have heard that my wife is going to ask Judge Johnson to ask for a full week vacation from me based on pure principle! Can you blame her?

Why, I even sent a couple of those new friends some jail cash to make their Kane County Correctional stay a little bit easier. They will very likely have to pay for some serious crimes, but like the great Studs Terkel said, redemption is always around the corner. I certainly wish the best for all of them.

My plan is to visit them – from the outside – within the week.

I also wish that my main detractor and the Geneva Police Department were capable of showing the same kind of humanity these accused individuals showed me, because in the end, I’d rather spend time with my new friends than with any of them.

10 thoughts on “Quick Hits – The Geneva Police WILL NOT Silence Me!

  1. No wonder we have not hear from you… Hope all goes well with the legal stuff. It’s sad to hear when police agencies have axes to grind on people that do not commit offenses but arrest people to discourage them from any community involvement or exposure.

    1. Jack,

      You must be psychic! My wife and I were discussing what we might’ve done differently had we truly known what Geneva was really all about.

      The problem was, when we moved from Streamwood in 1997, Elgin was not the Elgin it is today. There were simply too many negatives.

      Then there’s this, no one is going to chase me out of my home.

      Thank you for weighing in.


  2. OMG you sound like a crazy person. You believe the Geneva Police “firebombed” your vehicle??? I had to stop reading at that point. I didn’t know if i should be laughing or sad for you. You obviously have emotional issues and in need of professional help!

    1. Mr. or Ms. Olson,

      No, no, no! Please read it again! A GPD officer admitted to me that they created a situation where some kids thought they could get away with firebombing my pickup truck. They thought the police wouldn’t go after them.

      Sometimes I forget that you have to read the totality of my work – I’ve covered that issue in depth – to understand the current column.

      And though I’m nobody’s hero, as far as the two juveniles involved in that arson go, I’ve become friends with, and check on one on a regular basis.

      Instead of taking the financial restitution for the other juvenile, I’ve insisted it go into his college fund.

      Though I don’t mind explaining a piece, I’m not quite sure how you got that out of what I wrote. You certainly are the only one who has. Perhaps I could recommend my psychologist!


  3. For your lawyers file in case you didn’t have it. FB page Openline blog. “Chronic crackpot and nuisance to society Jeffrey Ward, a political hack for Democratic campaigns and friend of the Beacon News, has an extensive history of getting into disputes with numerous threats against the public and officials, was arrested for yet another incident, this time WHILE arguing with cops.”

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