Quick Hits – And the truth comes out!

“I’ll take ‘Strange Quotes’ for $1,000, Alex!”

“And the answer is, “What is something you’d least expect Jeff Ward to say?”

“What is, I want to thank Shaw Media for having the courage to tell the truth!”

Because that’s exactly what they did in a July 8 piece covering my attorneys’ motion to dismiss the bogus and outright malicious domestic violence charges the Geneva Police filed in their ongoing effort to silence and marginalize me.

You can read that Chronicle column right here!


A number of readers previously asked why I didn’t post my wife’s statement taken at the scene of my son’s accident, and I privately explained to them:

  • Some would say I wrote it myself
  • Others would say it was coerced
  • Even more would simply dismiss it
  • The truth will eventually come out anyway

But Shaw Media – an independent news source – accurately stipulated that:

  • My wife didn’t press charges, the Geneva Police signed the complaint.
  • My wife’s statement was taken voluntarily at the scene of the accident while I was otherwise detained.
  • My wife clearly stated that, “He has been harassed by the Geneva police for over a decade,” without any input from me.

The Chronicle went on to quote my wife directly:

“This frustration with the police’s treatment of him resulted in him moving me aside when I talked to him. At no time was I threatened or in danger. His attention was on the officer. There was absolutely no violence involved in the act. There is no way his actions can be construed as violent, threatening, abusive or any kind of battery. This is yet another attempt by the Geneva police to harass him.”

When you consider this reporting turn of events, please also consider that Shaw Media and I haven’t always been on the best of terms. You might even say I’ve been somewhat critical of that group.

The reporter also noted that:

“Geneva police had denied a Freedom of Information Act request from the Kane County Chronicle seeking a copy of Ward’s wife’s voluntary statement. The exemption cited in the denial was that it would violate the right to a fair trial.”

Of course the Geneva Police refused to provide my wife’s statement to the Chronicle. But if you believe it was a “fair trial” issue, I have a Route 38 Fox River bridge I’d be willing to part with cheap. The last thing the GPD wants is for me to get a fair trial. They wouldn’t release that statement because it didn’t fit their narrative.

Thankfully, Shaw Media headed over to the Circuit Clerk’s office where that statement is part of the court record.

And this decade of harassment comes at the behest of Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns who, along with one of his daughters, regularly uses the GPD as their own personal enforcers. The GPD command staff is more than happy to go along with it, too.

Burns 2

Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns

You see, one of the more fascinating results of my most recent arrest is the number of Genevans who’ve come forward with remarkably similar stories. Though I won’t be providing specific details because the folks involved still fear the Mayor, I will be covering how the Burns family regularly uses the Geneva Police to extract their political pound of flesh.

We’ll also cover how the GPD let the Mayor slide on at least four DUIs, and how they arrested the five-foot-six, 130-pound daughter of six-foot-four, 270-pound, D304 Superintendent Kent Mutchler for domestic violence – against him. That will include the audio of the 911 call, which is heart rending.

The Geneva Police call it “creative charges!”

But before we go, I want to, once again, thank Shaw Media for doing the right thing by telling my story as it actually happened. Perhaps there is some life left in local newspapers after all!

8 thoughts on “Quick Hits – And the truth comes out!

  1. Just curious. So does the guy who made the snarky comment in the comments section on the article have some sort of ax to grind himself? It was rather long-winded and tinged with just enough of an attitude of comeuppance to be a run of the mill comment.

    • Jon,

      Oh yes he does! Though I’ve long since blocked him, that’s Bill Page, the former Chronicle columnist who cost Shaw Media a cool $4 million for going after Illinois Supreme Court Justice Bob Thomas.

      Thomas sued him and won and the Chronicle fired him shortly thereafter.

      Bill has sent anonymous letters to me, invitations to my neighbors for my court dates, and called my clients. Since he’s never been successful at anything, he doesn’t want anyone else to be successful either.

      So instead of having Marisa Tomei obsessed with me, I get Bill Page. Life is clearly unfair!


  2. All Kane County residents should be frightened by the fact that the Chief Judge can arbitrarily send a court case to a different county. And not even an adjacent county. Further proof that most of these judges simply don’t have the temperament to be sitting on their velvet throne. And another reason why voters should clean house, and keep the string of defeating the inept associate judges who run for election intact.

    • Associate judges do not run for retention they are appointed for a specific term by the full circuit judges then almost always retained by the same judges. Not to retain would be admitting a mistake. Full circuit judges are elected and once elected have to seek a retention vote. I don’t know about Kane but I don’t believe there has ever been a case where a judge seeking retention was not retained. And I believe it is based upon people who actually vote on the matter
      An associate judge can only put you in jail for a year. A full Circuit can put you in prison for life

      • Jim,

        I am reading your comment and the last part, “An associate judge can only put you in jail for a year.” Where would that information be found?


  3. Jeff,

    Wondering if you would recommend your attorney? I’m in need of one, small matter, however have absolutely no faith in the blood suckers what-so-ever.

    • Sarah,

      I would recommend Brick Van Der Snick without much hesitation. But you have to understand that, like me, he thinks and acts in shorthand.

      Put more simply, with our fascinating minds, we have conversations in which we never complete a sentence.

      Rest assured, he cares deeply about his clients and only acts in their best interest. I would trust Brick with my life!


  4. John R. Associate judges have limited power. They cannot hear cases involved by large sums of money wills and estates large personal injury. They used to be called magistrates and did not even need a law degree. All the his changed with the 1970 constitution. Now they are lawyers and do traffic court evictions small claims and misdemeanors. They cannot do felony which is prison time only misdemeanor which is up to a year in jail. Jail and prison two very different things Magistrate think Andy of Mayberry

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