Quick Hits – If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!

Quick Hits – If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!

I know some of ya’ll don’t like it when I swear in print, and you’re probably right but, holy fuck! I really am a man without a country. I certainly can’t count myself among today’s insanely hypocritical conservatives and my liberal brothers and sisters have proven to be equally as nutty, prone to hypocrisy, and inclined to bursts of self-righteous faux outrage.

And to think I defended progressives against those scurrilous “the left is just a bad” accusations. All I can say is, thank you for going out of your way to prove me wrong!

What’s caused my latest socially liberal crisis of conscience, you ask? It’s the number of progressive friends I hold in the highest esteem who actually believe Chicago Father Michael Pfleger’s Dan Ryan Expressway blocking march was anything but a publicity stunt.


For those who’ve been paying too much attention to the World Cup, Pfleger is the longstanding pastor of the predominantly African-American St. Sabina parish on Chicago’s far south side. During his too-long tenure Pfleger has shrieked and howled about liquor stores, tobacco billboards, stores that sell drug paraphernalia, Jerry Springer, gun stores, and rappers.

In other words, he attacks the symptoms while purposely ignoring the disease, and Saturday’s Dan Ryan protest was no different.

Pfleger will tell you blocking the expressway was intended to bring attention to gun violence, crime, unemployment, and poverty, but the truth is – as is always the case – it was all about him. The man never tires of seeing his face on TV or his name in print.

C’mon! The Chicago media trumpets the number of weekly inner-city shootings on a regular basis, spike Lee made a movie about it, and candidates consistently campaign on solving the problem.

So, please tell me how shutting down a busy expressway is going to help this sad situation? Does anyone really believe those motorists are going to get out of their cars, hold their hand to their chins and muse, “You know what! I should be more conscious about Chicago gun violence. Thank you Father Pfleger?”

All he was hurt the cause, he certainly did nothing to help it.

After lengthy negotiations with the City and State in which he promised to leave one at least one lane open, our self-serving priest went ahead and shut the whole thing down anyway. I though there was a Commandment that contains a prohibition against lying!

Look! The bible makes it clear that we are responsible for the least of our brothers and sisters. But until those brothers and sisters take responsibility for what they can control, nothing will change in the Gresham neighborhood. It certainly hasn’t changed in the 37 long years Pfleger’s been pastor, because he doesn’t want it to change.

The title of this piece is the Buddha’s admonishment against false prophets. He warned his followers to kill them from their consciousness, lest they lose their way. And Pfleger is as artificial as it gets.

He doesn’t want to empower his parish as Martin Luther King empowered the Civil Rights movement. Pfleger wants his flock to remain codependent because his social status and political power completely rely on their continued suffering. Were they to be empowered, he’d be just another run-of-the-mill anonymous Catholic priest. So he makes sure the finger gets pointed at anyone or anything, but the root causes of Chicago gun violence.

And his cohort, Jesse Jackson, is no better.

The Catholic Church may not get much right, but their practice of moving priests to a different parish every 6 to 12 years is dead on. Those Cardinals and Bishops don’t want it to become all about the Father and not about the faith.

Thirty-seven years at the same church is unheard of, but Pfleger knows he’d become a political nobody if moved, so he throws a hissy fit and leverages his cult following to prevent the Diocese from making that happen.

You see, if Pfleger really wanted to help his flock, he’d march through Gresham at midnight, instead of blocking the Dan Ryan. He’d organize neighborhood watch groups, and, within the bounds of reason, he’d stand up to the drug dealers and gang bangers. A march on an expressway? Only a Facebook meme could possibly accomplish any less.

The bottom line is, Father Pleger is worse than the liquor stores, tobacco sellers, gun shops, and everything else he rails against combined. To prey on people’s suffering under the guise of the Catholic collar is truly an egregious offense. I know I’ve previously stated otherwise, but he almost makes me believe evil really does exist.

10 thoughts on “Quick Hits – If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!

  1. There is one thing that accomplishes even less than a FB meme: Prayer. Father Pfleger has led many, many more of those than marches in 37 years at St. Sabina. And he still hasn’t managed to cure his own parish neighborhood, let alone humankind, of one social ill that a supposedly listening, loving “god” could eliminate with a Bewitched nose twitch. I’m not sure what you think Pfleger is doing “under the guise of the Catholic collar” that isn’t in total keeping with the very agenda of the Church, and all churches — keep the money coming in from the gullible idiots.

  2. What you say may be true, but there was one positive aspect to the march IMO: It provided an answer to those right-wing nitwits who try to derail any discussion of cops shooting unarmed black men in the back with “why aren’t you protesting black-on-black violence in Chicago, huh huh huh?” I’d like to think it would make them shut up, or at least stop repeating that tired old line, but it probably won’t.

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